Give Your Pumpkin New Life

Did you know nearly 1.3 billion pounds of pumpkins are landfilled each year?

Let's not put pumpkin harvests to waste. Compost your pumpkins through one of the many drop-off options available in Howard County.

Pumpkin Drop-Off Only

Compost Demo & Pumpkin Drop-Off

sunken pumpkin correct size

Harvest Heap 2022 Results

Our Harvest Heap Pumpkin Collection was a great success! This season we helped divert over 8,000 pounds of pumpkins from the landfill. We also gave away 45 backyard compost bins. See you next year!

Harvest Heap
Pumpkin Collection Tips
  • County residents in our Feed The Green Bin Food Scrap Collection Program can set pumpkins out on their regular food scrap collection day. Not sure of your day? Use our online look-up tool to find out.
  • Please remove all candles, lights, decorations, plastic bags, etc. before setting out pumpkins.
  • Carved, uncarved and painted pumpkins are acceptable (water-based paints are preferred).

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