Water Meter Maintenance Program

In an effort to update our aging infrastructure the County announced in November 2019 that it will begin an eight year Water Meter Maintenance Program to replace aging radio transmitters on all Public water meters.

The top section of the water meter houses a low power radio transmitter that sends water usage data to meter reading trucks. This data is used to compute water bills. These devices use batteries that are coming to the end of their usefull life of ten years.

The Bureau of Utilities will be replacing the radio transmitter with new units that will be more reliable and have a twenty year life span.

If a resident's water meter is inside the home, Utilities staff will be setting up appointments to coordinate the replacement. This change-out should take less than twenty minutes to complete.

Water Meter Transmitters
Below is a detailed view of the two types of water meter transmitters.


Old type water meter radio transmitter

Old Style Water Meter Image

New type water meter radio transmitter

New Type Water Meter Image

Questions can be answered by calling the Bureau of Utilities during normal working hours at 410-313-4986.