Fire Hydrant Use - Commercial Tanker Trucks

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July 1, 2011

Water Tanker Truck Designated Water Filling Station           Fire Hydrant Image

For safety reasons, the Bureau of Utilities is requiring all tanker trucks that are over 30 feet long to use the hydrant located at the West Friendship Fire Station on east bound Rt. 99 just east of Rt. 32. It is requested, again for safety reasons, that all tanker trucks filling with large volumes of water use this location. Additional information can be obtained by calling the Bureau of Utilities at 410-313-4977.
Map with designated hydrant location

Howard County Fire Hydrant Use :
Rules, Regulations and Conditions

1.  A copy of the Howard County Fire Hydrant Usage Permit Agreement must be in the possession of the person using the Howard County fire hydrant water meter.

2.  The Howard County Hydrant Meter Permit Tag is not to be removed from the Howard County Fire Hydrant Water Meter. There will be a $25.00 replacement fee if the tag is removed from the fire hydrant water meter.

3.  Only Howard County Fire Hydrant Water Meters are to be connected to Howard County Fire Hydrants and used only in Howard County to draw water.

4.  Fire Hydrant Water Meters from other counties and privately owned water meters are not permitted to be used in Howard County.

5.  The Fire Hydrant Water Meter shall not be left unattended while connected to a fire hydrant.

6.  Any truck, tank or vessel used for hauling water must be inspected and have a Howard County Water Permit affixed prior to a Howard County fire hydrant water meter being issued to the lessee/contractor.

7.  Fire hydrant water meters are required to be inspected annually between October 1st and November1st. There will be a $10.00 per day LATE FEE charged for each week beginning December 1st if the meter is not brought in for inspection.

8.  In the event the hydrant water meter is reported lost or stolen, the lessee will automatically forfeit the deposit and will be billed for the replacement cost of the accessories not returned.

9.  The lessee is responsible for the loss or damage to the water meter and accessories. If the meter is found to be damaged or tampered with, such as removing / tampering with the register, the lessee will be billed for the repair and assessed a fee for minimum water consumption charge          of $15.00 per month for the 5/8” water meter and $70.00 per month for the 3” water meter.

10. When a hydrant meter fails to register, it shall be returned immediately for repair or replacement. Under no circumstances is the lessee to use the meter with a broken or missing register.

11. Permit holder is liable for all damages to the fire hydrant, the water meter and property in the vicinity of the fire hydrant.

12. The lessee shall immediately report any fire hydrant damage or malfunction to the Bureau of Utilities by calling 410-313-4900.

13. Only a fire hydrant wrench is to be used to operate a Howard County fire hydrant.

14. Special fire hydrant restrictions or conditions may be imposed by Howard County during times of drought or water shortage.

15. Howard County Bureau of Utilities reserves the right to restrict the use of certain fire hydrants for any reason.

16. Howard County Bureau of Utilities reserves the right to recall any and all fire hydrant water meters for any reason and to cancel any Fire Hydrant Usage Permit Agreement.Add Content...