food waste prevention

Food for Thought Toolkit

    Pledge to start reducing your food waste footprint. This toolkit will provide you with helpful food storage guides, produce shelf life information, a meal planner and shopping guide, as well as printables for your fridge and freezer! Find out how much food your household is wasting and ways to prevent that loss by taking the Food for Thought Challenge.

What's Inside the Toolkit

    Food for Thought Meal Planner

    Buy only what you need! This planner will help you organize your meals for the entire week. Plan ahead and consider doubling a recipe for leftovers later in the week. As you plan out your meals, use the detachable shopping list to keep track of exactly what you’ll need. Food for Thought Meal Planner & Shopping List.

    Eat First!

    These printable “Eat First!” signs are useful reminders. Designate a shelf in your fridge for foods and leftovers that should be eaten first to avoid throwing out food. Printable signs courtesy of the EPA. 

    Produce Shelf Life & Storage Guide

    Did you know mushrooms should be stored in a paper bag in the fridge? One of the best ways to reduce your food waste footprint is to study up on how to properly store your produce. Know which foods should be stored in the fridge and which should be stored in cool dark places.Produce Shelf Life & Storage Guide—Cook Smarts & Get Fresh with Fruits and Vegetables—American Heart Association.

    Food for Thought Food Waste Challenge

    In 2013 Americans threw 35