COVID-19 Updates: Upcoming compost demonstrations have been canceled until further notice. While offices remain closed, we are unable to distribute any compost bins. For updates regarding all other events, please visit our News & Upcoming Events page.

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backyard composting

'Tis the season for yard improvement!

We sell our products, including our HoCoGro Compost, by the cubic yard throughout the year at the Alpha Ridge Landfill. We even have a list of contractors who will deliver the product directly to your door.

Autumn is a great time to prepare your beds for the spring, or to aerate and top-dress your lawn with compost. Remember that by adding a diverse organic community to your lawn, you are encouraging the natural mineral-releasing biome in your soil. By top-dressing your lawn with compost instead of chemical fertilizers, you will strengthen and produce better and more disease resistant grass and garden plants.

With cool nights and moderately warm days, now is the time to put some topsoil down and reseed those bare spots in your lawn as well. For best results, both existing and new topsoil should have 5% or more organic matter to promote healthy root structure and improve water retention.

Recycling Nature's Way - You Can Make a Difference!

Approximately 12% of the County's landfilled trash is yard trim. Composting is a safe, natural way to convert leaves, grass clippings, and vegetable refuse into valuable organic matter, known as humus, which is rich in nutrients. When spread in the garden, humus improves soil aeration, water retention and root penetration.

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Compost Demonstrations

Attend a compost demo for how-to advice by Howard County Master Gardeners (starting in April). Feed your garden organically, recycle kitchen scraps and yard trimmings and improve your soil's health! FREE compost bins for Howard County residents. Download the 20