composting facility

Composting Facility at The Alpha Ridge Landfill


There are no tours scheduled at this time. Contact Jeff Dannis at 410-313-6419 to schedule or for more information.


The Expanded Compost Facility is OPEN! 



The Bureau of Environmental Services has constructed the first part of a larger, long-term facility to produce quality compost. This project is located on 14 acres at the Alpha Ridge Landfill and is designed to compost yard trim, food scraps and manure in aerated, covered piles. The compostable material comes from residents and schools participating in our Feed The Green Bin program. This is supplemented by material directly hauled by residents and contractors to Alpha Ridge. The original pilot facility started accepting material in March 2013.

Additional construction through 2021 will ensure that the project meets all of the intent of the 2015 compost processing regulation implemented by Maryland Department of the Environment. We are working with State and County regulatory agencies and departments to ensure that the composting facility meets and exceeds environmental standards and expectations, and creates high quality compost. We have created a successful composting program that protects the environment and serves as a model for other local communities.

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