Bureau Of Environmental Services

Mark DeLuca, Chief
6751 Columbia Gateway Drive, Suite 514
Columbia, MD 21046

Employees operate the County landfill, implement and manage recycling programs, oversee residential curbside collections and administer storm water management.

Mission Statement: Advancing environmental responsibility through responsive solutions and service.

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Howard County's Solid Waste Management Plan 2014-2024

Alpha Ridge Landfill

    Alpha Ridge Landfill, located at 2350 Marriottsville Road, is open Monday-Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm to both residential and commercial customers. This section provides information on the landfill location, hours of operation, household hazardous waste drop-off, landfill permits, recycling center drop-off, prohibited items and trash.

    NOTE: The Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off Center at the Landfill is open Saturdays, 8 am to 4 pm April through November.

    Visit the Alpha Ridge Landfill website.

Curbside Collections

    Curbside trash and recycling collection is provided once per week to single family, townhome and condominium residents. This section provides information on general trash tips, rules and regulations for curbside collection, inclement weather policy, holiday collection schedule, tips to cut your trash in half, where to call for more information and trash drop-off location. 

    Visit the Curbside Collections website.


    Curbside collections and drop-off opportunities are available to residents year-round. This section provides information on how to recycle, recycling rules and regulations and seasonal solutions for recycling.

    Visit the Recycling website.

Storm Water Management

    The Storm Water Management Division inspects storm water management facilities and manages stream and watershed studies and restoration projects in the County. The Division also maintains and assists residents with interpreting the County’s flood plain studies and flood insurance maps. This section provides information on the storm water management, watershed management, flood protection, community involvement, illicit discharge, and the Howard County Storm Water Management Design Manual.

    Tiber-Hudson and Plumtree Branch Stream Corridor Assessment and Case Study: Valley Mede-Ellicott City Tropical Storm Lee Flood Event.

    Learn more about the Watershed Protection and Restoration Fund.

    Visit the Storm Water Management website.

Mark DeLuca - Chief, Bureau of Environmental Services
(410) 313-6444

Jeff Dannis - Chief, Operations Division (Alpha Ridge Landfill) 
(410) 313-6419

Mark Kreis - Chief, Collections Division
(410) 313-6444

Alan Wilcom - Chief, Recycling Division
(410) 313-6433

Mark S. Richmond, P.E. - Chief, Stormwater Management Division
(410) 313-6413