Animal Matters Hearing Board

Function: to hear and render decisions on appeals of citations issued for violations of animal control laws. To issue orders and declarations related to enforcement of animal control laws. To make recommendations on standards and procedures for operation of the animal control facility. To annually review the proposed budget for the operation of the animal control facility.

Number of members: seven. All members must be residents of Howard County. Board must include one licensed veterinarian practicing in Howard County and three members experienced in animal matters, with no more than two from the same County Council district. County Executive appoints, County Council confirms.

Contact: Animal Control Administrator, 410-313-2780.

Meetings: Third Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm at Howard County Animal Control, 8576 Davis Road, Columbia, MD 21045 (meeting locations may vary).

Members :
Dana Hubbard Roscoe - Chairperson
Connie M. Molter - Vice Chairperson
Dorothy Ruck
Paula M. Schultz
Laree Siddiqui
Elaine R. Ritchey

Victoria L.F. Gaunt