General Plan

PlanHoward 2030

PlanHoward 2030 is an update of the 2000 Howard County General Plan. The County's General Plan has historically been revised approximately every ten years (1960, 1971, 1982, 1990, 2000). Regular updates are necessary for guiding decisions related to development, land preservation, changing demographic and employment trends, neighborhood sustainability, capital projects, County services and other key issues.

2014 Initial Review

2014 Initial Review set forth under Policy 2.1.c., is intended to provide County Council with an early snapshot of agency progress on the many implementation actions in the PlanHoward 2030.

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General Plan 2000

General Plan 2000 served as Howard County's comprehensive plan prior to PlanHoward 2030. The General Plan 2000 Policies Map supplements the written plan. The General Plan 2000 Amendments Matrix documents amendments to General Plan 2000.


The Downtown Columbia Plan is an amendment to the Howard County General Plan and creates a 30-year master plan for the revitalization and redevelopment of Downtown Columbia. Specific land use, transportation, environmental, community conversation and housing policies are presented.

The Howard County Water Resources Element (WRE) serves as an amendment to General Plan 2000 that adds Policies and Actions intended to ensure that the County has adequate water resource capacities to meet future growth needs through 2030.

Monitoring Reports

Monitoring reports describe the County's achievements on various indicators outlined in the 2000 General Plan: