Corridor Plans

Corridor planning addresses areas along the County’s roadways. Corridor plans look at multiple forms of transportation, land uses, and connections to street networks with design and streetscape strategies. These strategies both respect and enhance our natural and human environments. The purpose of the corridor plans are to focus on transportation corridors in the County which include Route 1, Route 40, and MD 108. These plans include capital improvements as desired outcomes.

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Route 1 Corridor

Route 1 Corridor Master Plan (2018)

Howard County’s new Route 1 Corridor Master Plan will activate transportation, infrastructure, land use and economic development implementation strategies to improve vibrancy and livability throughout the Route 1 corridor.


Route 1 Manual

The purpose of the Route 1 Manual is to present requirements and recommendations to: improve the visual appearance of the corridor's streetscape, enhance the appearance and value of developments in the corridor, and establish the desired design character for new developments in the Corridor Employment (CE), Transit Oriented Development (TOD), and Corridor Activity Center (CAC) Districts. 


Additional Route 1 Resources

Route 40 Corridor

Route 40 Design Manual

The Route 40 Design Manual outlines design guidelines that, when applied to new development or redevelopment within the Route 40 corridor, will enhance the overall aesthetics and function of the corridor.