Inspection Requirements

Requirements for inspections are dependent on the type of construction taking place. Please select from the options below in order to find out what requirements the inspector will be looking for:


Commercial Building - Footings

Commercial Building - Footing

  • Determine if the soil has the minimum bearing capacity as designed. Check geotechnical test results.
  • Verify that the soil in the area of the footings is consistent (No soft spots, color changes, exposed strata, debris, or water).
  • Verify that weather conditions are suitable for placing concrete or that proper precautions are used to adjust for adverse conditions.
  • Compare actual dimensions with those on approved drawings.
  • Determine if the bottom of the footing is below the frost line; unless otherwise protected (30" below finished grade).
  • Verify that the ground wire or horizontal ground rod is in place where applicable.
  • Verify that reinforcement steel is placed in accordance with approved drawings.
  • Verify that approved dowels are in place where required.
  • Prior approval must first be obtained when professional third party inspectors are used. Submit the engineer's certification to the Building Inspections office as soon as possible. All engineer's certificatiions shall list the building address, permit number and have the engineer's original stamp and signature. Fax # 410-313-1861.

Commercial Building - Slabs

Commercial Building - Slabs

  • Determine if the required base material is four inches thick and consists of clean, graded sand, gravel, crushed stone or crushed slag.
  • Determine if a vapor retarder is provided and that it is a 6 mil visqueen vapor retarder with joints lapped not less than six inches and placed at the bottom of the slab.
  • Determine if the slab thickness and reinforcement is in accordance with design criteria and compares favorably to approved plans.
  • Verify that the concrete mix will result in a compressive strength equal to the design criteria. (Check Delivery Tickets)
  • Verify that required and approved perimeter slab insulation is installed properly.
  • Verify that all requirements to the approved plans have been met.

Commercial Building - Framing