Job Seeker Services

When you realize that it is time to shift careers, the Office of Workforce Development offers a variety of resources and employment services to help job seekers navigate the process. 

Our services are designed to assist those returning to the workforce, professionals, people needing their high school diploma, individuals looking for a career change or those who have been laid off.  Eligible job seekers may qualify for skills training to give them the competitive edge.

Whether you are looking for an entry level or professional occupations, your employment success is our goal.

Adult Workers

Whether you have never worked or are returning to the workforce, you are not alone! Re-entering the workforce and finding the right career can be challenging. Our workforce professionals will help you create a personal plan for success.We can assist with your resume, job hunting techniques, interviewing skills and more. Eligible job seekers may qualify for skills training to obtain the competitive edge they need in today’s job market.

You can enhance your job search skills by taking advantage of the many resources offered at our workforce center.

Laid Off Workers

Become relevant in today’s job market. Together with our professional staff, we can help you assess your skills to better position you in today’s workforce. Our services are designed to help you get back to work as quickly as possible. We can help you learn how to:

  • Assess your optimal skills for employment
  • Translate your specialized skills and repackage your experience
  • Identify your need for additional training to be competitive
  • Use technology to update your job search skills