FY 2020-2025 Priority Letter

Every year, Howard County submits a "Priority Letter" to the Maryland Department of Transportation outlining the County's priorities for state transportation funding and technical assistance in the Maryland Department of Transportation's six year Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP). The CTP is  Maryland's capital program for state funded and led transportation projects and operations. The CTP is based on projected funding and includes detail on both major and minor projects expected to be designed or constructed during the span of the program.

This letter was prepared for fiscal year 2020 and represents the County's official request for state funding, and is submitted by the County Executive, with endorsements by the County Council and members of the Howard County Delegation.

2020 Signed Priority Letter

The Priority Letter process was as follows:

  • January-February, every two years: Priority Letter survey distributed to gather public opinion on transportation priorities
  • January-February: Public meeting to gather input on transportation priorities
  • March-April: Letter written
  • April: Letter submitted to MDOT

This year, the priority letter public meeting was held on February 4, 2019. The following materials were presented at the public meeting:

    1. PowerPoint Presentation
    2. Projects in Thank you for Funding
    3. Projects in Design & Engineering
    4. Projects in Capital & Construction
    5. Projects in Request for Technical Assistance

Summary of Public Comments and Feed

For more information, send an email or call (410) 313-4312.

The MDOT Priority Letter website has archived statewide priority letters since 2007, including Howard County's. More detail about recent Howard County priority letters is available below.

Previous Priority Letters

2019 Priority Letter

Howard County has finalized its update of the County’s list of transportation priorities for the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT)'s FY 2019-2024 Consolidated Transportation Program. The list, also known as the Priority Letter, was developed based on input from the public, county staff as well as elected and appointed officials. The update was sent to the Maryland Secretary of Transportation, along with project questionnaires. In addition, a number of the projects in the Priority Letter were also entered into the Chapter 30 Scoring System, a system for evaluating large projects, generally $5 million or more, that add either road capacity or new transit lines.

Following receipt of the letter and the scores, the Maryland Department of Transportation will evaluate the projects in the letter to assist the state in updating the Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) a six-year capital budget for State transportation projects.

The CTP includes capital projects that are generally new, expanded or significantly improved facility or service that may involve planning, environmental studies, design, right-of-way acquisition, construction or the purchase of essential equipment related to the facility or service.


Below you can find the information regarding the 2019 Howard County 


2018 Priority Letter

Howard County has completed the Fiscal Year 2018 Priority Letter, which lists the County’s prioritized transportation projects for the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT)'s FY 2018-2023 Consolidated Transportation Program.  The projects included in the letter resulted from review and input from the public, by Howard County staff from several departments, as well as elected and appointed officials.

To review the 2018 Priority Letter that was sent to MDOT, please click here .  

The Office of Transportation held a public information and input meeting about the Priority Letter on Tuesday, February 21, 2017. During the meeting, our staff received various comments regarding various roads throughout Howard County.  The Office of Transportation, reviewed and responded to each comment that was submitted at the meeting or electronically.  Should you have any questions, please contact the Office of Transportation 410.313.3130.  

To review the 2017 Priority Letter please click here. To read a copy of the Survey results please click the following link: here.

The following material was presented to the attendees at the meeting at was held on Tuesday, February 21, 2017: Map of Road ProjectsMap of Bicycle and Pedestrian projectsProject description Sheet, &  Priority Letter Presentation

2017 Priority Letter

Every year Howard County sends its prioritized list of transportation projects needing state support to the Maryland Department of Transportation.  The priority letter is a result of review and input by County staff from several departments, elected and appointed officials, as well as extensive public involvement in the form of an online survey.  

To read a copy of the Survey results please click the following link: here

To review the 2017 Priority Letter please click here.