Note: All onsite visits are cancelled until further notice. Requests for an emergency visit shall be made to the Director's Office at 410-313-5230.

Mission Statement

The Howard County Department of Corrections protects the public and the employees of the department by providing a safe, secure, and humane conditions for persons legally under its authority.  Within this framework the department provides opportunities for offenders to become law abiding and productive members of society. 

The Administration and staff are dedicated to providing a balanced correctional program that meets applicable County, State, and Federal standards. Concerted efforts are made to ensure that the inmate’s human rights and dignity are not violated. The staff will be firm, fair, and impartial.

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Message from the Director's Office

Howard County’s original jail, in Ellicott City, opened in 1878 and was built to accommodate 12 inmates. In 1975, the Division of Corrections was established. Several years later, the Division of Corrections was established as a Department.

Due to overcrowding conditions and an antiquated facility, the Department of Corrections sought and received funding for the construction of a new detention center. The Howard County Detention Center, in Jessup, opened in 1983 with a rated capacity of 108 inmates. The new facility opened with 63 inmates; within five years, the inmate population had greatly exceeded its rated capacity. The Department of Corrections again sought and obtained funding for the expansion of the detention center. The expansion was completed in 1994 with a rated capacity of 361 inmates.

In March 2005 the responsibility for booking arrestees was transferred from the Police Department to the Department of Corrections with the opening of the Central Booking Facility.

The Howard County Department of Corrections’ staff are highly motivated and trained employees who set and maintain a high professional standard. Because of their dedication and commitment to their profession and community, the Howard County Department of Corrections has maintained 100% compliance with the Maryland Commission on Correctional Standards since its inception in 1980. Correctional staff have numerous responsibilities and opportunities for advancement in their career. As a correctional professional at the Howard County Department of Corrections, you can take pride in knowing that you contribute significantly to operating a department which is an integral part in the administration of justice and ensuring public safety in Howard County.

Howard County
Department of Corrections
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