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If you have lost money or provided personal information as the result of a scam, the Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) will contact you to discuss your options and describe the assistance we can provide. This may include referring you to local, state or federal law enforcement offices.
To report suspicious telephone calls, texts, e-mail, letters or visits that did not result in your loss of money or disclosure of personal information, 

OCP will forward your report to federal agencies (such as the Federal Trade Commission and the Internet Crime Complaint Center) that have the resources to investigate and prosecute the worst con artists. While you will not receive feedback from those agencies about your specific experience, rest assured that the information you and others provide is important to these agencies in tracking down perpetrators, developing evidence and bringing enforcement actions. 

OCP will also use the information you provide to alert others about the latest scams.

Recently Reported Scams

The following scams have recently been reported by residents in Howard County. We have provided general descriptions of what you may encounter if a con artist contacts you.

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