Community Service Partnership (CSP) Program

Howard County Government is committed to investing in the provision of critical human services by nonprofit organizations in Howard County, Maryland through the Community Service Partnership (CSP) Program. The Howard County Executive’s overarching goal is to partner with the nonprofit sector to create, enhance, and support the delivery of essential human services in the Howard County community. CSP grants provide funding to support the delivery of human services, specifically those services which meet basic needs and provide greater opportunities for individuals and families to be self-sufficient.  


For more information about eligibility, availability of funding, and grant types, please see the CSP Overview.


If you have questions about the CSP grant program, please contact Megan Godfrey Jackson, CSP Manager at 410-313-5996 (voice/relay) or email

CSP Redesign

The CSP is currently facilitating an inclusive redesign process to reimagine the CSP grant program in the context of today’s Howard County. Our goal is to launch the redesigned CSP grant program in FY22 that will:

  • Align with the County Executive’s strategic priorities and data-driven performance objectives 
  • Identify and target areas of greatest need for Howard County residents
  • Partner with non-profit organizations to increase measurable impact on Howard County residents
  • Modernize structure to maximize efficiency and responsiveness

The end goal of this process is a new high-impact grant program that fully leverages the County's grant dollars in partnership with local nonprofits to drive measurable progress for the people of Howard County. At this stage in the process, we are curating and culling data from existing needs assessments to create a clearer overall picture of resources and gaps in human services throughout Howard County. Throughout the redesign process, CSP will remain committed to addressing the barriers to stability and finding what strategies are needed to make Howard County a place of broadly shared prosperity and opportunity for all who live and work here.

To learn more, please review Frequently Asked Questions . Still have questions? Contact Megan Godfrey Jackson .

The redesign process will take place during FY20. With proposed changes to be implimented in FY22. 


CSP Application Process

CSP Grant Opportunities 

CSP applications are now closed. Below is information about the upcoming application process

FY 2022 application process will begin late fall. Please be on the lookout for information regarding this year's application process in the coming weeks. 


For more information about the CSP Human Service Grants, please review: CSP Overview


If you would like to receive email notifications, please email to be added to the CSP mailing list.

Grant Award History

FY21 CSP Human Service Grant Recipients:

  • Operating, One-Time, and PEH Grants

FY20 CSP Human Service Grant Recipients:

FY19 CSP Human Service Grant Recipients:

FY18 CSP Human Service Grant Recipients:

FY17 CSP Human Service Grant Recipients:


 FY16 CSP Human Service Grant Recipients:


FY15 CSP Human Service Grant Recipients

 FY14 CSP Human Service Grant Recipients

CSP Funding History (1983 - 2017)
This document is intended as a broad overview - historical data may be inconsistent with actual awards.  If you are aware of any discrepancies in the figures provided, please call 410-313-5996.




Current Grantees

Current CSP Grant Recipients

Signing Your Grant Agreement

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