The Howard County Sheriff's Office

The Howard County Sheriff's Office has been in existence and serving the citizens of Howard County since 1851. The Sheriff's Office offers a broad range of law enforcement services, such as Judicial Security, Summons Service, Warrant Service & Fugitive Retrieval, Domestic Violence Service & Assistance, Prisoner Transportation, and Landlord/Tenant Services.


Harris, Marcus

Value Statements

Professionalism - We are committed to providing professional law enforcement services by highly trained personnel.

Integrity - We are committed to demonstrating and maintaining the highest ethical standards both personally and organizationally.

Service - Our goal is to ensure the preservation of a positive and professional working relationship between law enforcement and the community which we serve.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Howard County Sheriff's Office is to provide judicial enforcement and physical security for the Circuit Court, to provide a variety of quality services for citizens, and to assist other law enforcement agencies in maintaining law and order in Howard County.