Howard County Delegation to the Maryland General Assembly

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2018 Local Bills Legislative Summary

The Howard County Delegation completed the 2018 Maryland General Assembly legislative session. The following Howard County local bills were passed by the Maryland General Assembly during the 2018 legislative session and enacted: 

  • HB1053, CH139 (Ho. Co. 06-18) Howard County - Class 7 Micro–Brewery License and Multiple Class B and Class BLX Beer, Wine, and Liquor Licenses 
  • HB1115, CH837 (Ho. Co. 07-18) Howard County - Orphans' Court Judges - Compensation
  • HB0809, CH829 (Ho. Co. 08-18) Howard County - Sheriff's Salary
  • HB1186, CH141 (Ho. Co. 09-18) Howard County - Property Tax Credit - Natural Disaster
  • HB0223, CH138 (Ho. Co. 13-18) Howard County - Transfer Tax Exemption and Rate Reduction - Teachers
  • HB1180, CH140 (Ho. Co. 14-18) Howard County - Student Loan Assistance Repayment Program for Teachers 
  • HB0340, CH811 (Ho. Co. 17-18) Howard County - Board of Education - Salaries
  • HB1325, CH142 (Ho. Co. 20-18) Howard County - Alcoholic Beverages - Class C License and Class C and Class D Per Diem Entertainment Venue Licenses

In addition, bond bill requests for local projects were funded as follows (SB186, CH9):

  • PHILLIPS School Commercial Kitchen, Ho. Co. 1-18, $150,000
  • Ellicott City Public Arts Project,  Ho. Co. 2–18, $175,000
  • Harriet Tubman Community Center and Museum, Ho. Co. 4-18, $500,000
  • Lisbon Volunteer Fire Department, Ho. Co. 5-18, $125,000
  • Howard County Youth Program, $100,000

For further information, please feel free to contact Erinn Camp Mansour at the Howard County Delegation office at 410-841-3360 or send an email to

2018 Legislative Session Schedule

The 2018 legislative session began on January 10, 2018, and ended April 9, 2018. Our Delegation chairmen are Senator Guy Guzzone and Delegate Eric Ebersole. The Howard County Delegation of the Maryland General Assembly held a public hearing on proposed local legislation November 29, 2017, and a public hearing on statewide issues was held February 13, 2018, in Howard County. The Delegation held work sessions, open to the public, in Annapolis during the legislative session to discuss proposed legislation. Additional details about future public hearings and delegation meetings will be posted on this page as they are scheduled.

You can view legislation of interest on the Maryland General Assembly (MGA) website. The MGA website includes information about hearing schedules and rules pertaining to giving testimony to the assigned committees, as well as recordings of hearings and legislative sessions, legislation status, and related documents.

To view all of the 2018 proposed local legislation click here

If you would like to view the video of the Public Hearing on Local Bills held November 29, 2017, click here

If you would like to view the video for the Public Hearing on Statewide Issues held February 13, 2018, click here.

For further information, or to be added to the distribution list for email notifications about Delegation meetings and public hearings, please feel free to contact Erinn Camp Mansour at the Howard County Delegation office at 410-841-3360 or send an email to

Delegation Members

The Howard County Delegation members are listed below, including links to their full contact and biographical information on the Maryland General Assembly website: 

   Guy Guzzone, Senate Delegation Chair

   Eric Ebersole, House Delegation Chair

   Gail H. Bates, Senator

   Edward J. Kasemeyer, Senator

   Vanessa E. Atterbeary, Delegate

   Robert L. Flanagan, Delegate

   Terri L. Hill, Delegate

   Trent Kittleman, Delegate

   Clarence K. Lam, Delegate

   Warren E. Miller, Delegate

   Shane Pendergrass, Delegate

   Frank S. Turner, Delegate