Park Watch

What is Park Watch?
An initiative to improve park and visitor safety, increase public ownership of parks, and deter and reduce crime through the combined efforts of trained, passive volunteers, Howard County Park Rangers, and the Howard County Police Department. Park Watch asks patrons to be the “eyes and ears” of their communities in order to fight crime and keep their public spaces safe.

How Does it Work?
Residents know their local parks the best and are able to identify suspicious activities or unsafe situations. A concerned community can reduce crime simply by reporting activity to the police and park rangers. Park Watch is an initiative that teaches citizens personal safety techniques and works to reduce crime, making our parks safer for everyone.

Howard County Rangers offer park safety training to the community, covering common concerns within the parks system, local issues in crime, parkland regulation, and how to keep yourself safe while enjoying parks (including tips for children and seniors, what to look for, and how to safely report concerns). Trainings will be offered throughout the year at the North Laurel, Roger Carter, and Gary J. Arthur Community Centers, and at the Robinson Nature Center. Communities can also request this training. 

Interested in Joining Park Watch?
Consider contributing to the safety of your community by becoming a Park Watch volunteer! Interested individuals can sign up through the HoCo volunteer webpage (  
Volunteers must be 18 years or older and pass a background check. Park Watch volunteers are involved citizens who patrol our parks on the lookout for vandalism, park damage or potentially suspicious activity.
Contact us to schedule an educational training for yourself or for your community group.  
Natural Resources Division: 410-313-1679