Vaccine for Children 5 and Younger

Information about vaccine clinics for children age 5 and younger. Many County pediatricians and family health practices also offer convenient vaccine appointments. Please contact your child's healthcare provider directly before making an appointment through the Health Department.

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CDC: COVID-19 Vaccines for Children and Teens

Information for Parents

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Updates on Bivalent Booster Vaccine for Children Age 5 and Younger

The CDC and FDA provided updated recommendations in April 2023:

  • Children aged 6 months–5 years may need multiple doses of COVID-19 vaccine to be up to date, including at least 1 updated dose of Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, depending on the number of doses they’ve previously received and their age.

The Health Department will offer the bivalent booster vaccine at upcoming clinics. You can make an appointment using the calendar below. Please pay special attention to the vaccine type being offered at each clinic. We URGE parents to speak to their pediatrician about the availability of vaccine through their offices. Pediatricians' offices should be the primary source of vaccine for our children under 5. You can view the CDC's COVID-19 Recommendations for Children and Teens here:

Health Department Pediatric Vaccination Clinics

The Health Department will hold specialized vaccination clinics for children 5 and younger at the Ascend One building. For more information about those clinics, please read below. To make an appointment for a child ages 5-11 and older with previously authorized vaccine, click here. We have now transitioned all pediatric clinics back to the Health Department and no longer use the space at Howard Community College.

Important Information:

  • Please be sure your child comes wearing short sleeves for ease of vaccination into upper arm.
  • Please DO NOT arrive for a clinic more than 10 minutes early. If you have an appointment, you are guaranteed to receive a vaccination during your designated clinic if you arrive on time.
  • Appointments will only be honored for children ages 5 and younger. Older siblings/parents cannot be vaccinated using the infant/toddler vaccine formulation stocked at these clinics. Appointments made for individuals not part of this age group will not be honored and will be canceled. 
  • Walk-ups will not be accepted. No Exceptions. The Health Department carefully plans its vaccine allocation for each clinic to ensure no leftover doses will go to waste at the end of the day.
  • If you are not able to complete the online registration form, please call 410-313-6284. Operators are standing by Monday - Friday from 8:30am - 4:30pm to provide assistance.
  • Vaccine is also available through many County pediatricians and family medical practices. Please contact your child's pediatrician to determine vaccine availability before making an appointment through the Health Department.

Adolescents with disabilities:

Special accommodations can be made for children with physical, mental, or developmental disabilities, including vaccination in the parking lot. Please call the phone bank after booking your appointment or speak to staff on-site at a vaccination clinic to make this request. In-home vaccination is also available for children who are homebound due to a physical/mental impairment or disability. Call us at 410-313-6284 for assistance scheduling their vaccination appointment.

Vaccination appointments for children age 5 and younger are below. (Click here to make a 5-11 or older vaccine appointment. Appointments made for those outside this age range will be canceled.)

Vaccine Clinic Location Date & Time Registration
Howard County Health Department
8930 Stanford Blvd., Columbia, MD 21045
Jun. 15
Moderna Bivalent 6m-5y 1st & 2nd Doses Only
Click here to register
Appointment required
Howard County Health Department
8930 Stanford Blvd., Columbia, MD 21045
Jun. 15
Moderna Bivalent Booster 6m-5y
Click here to register
Appointment required
Howard County Health Department
8930 Stanford Blvd., Columbia, MD 21045
Jun. 22
Pfizer Bivalent 6m-4y
Click here to register
Appointment required
Additional Resources
Vaxxed in HoCo: Kids and Families PSA video
Hear from a real HoCo family: why they got vaxxed, and why you should, too.

Ready to get your shot? Visit to find a clinic that's right for you.
Getting Your 5-11 Year Old Vaccinated: Our Best Advice

Be Honest: Don't say it won't hurt. Do say it will only be a quick prick/pinch. Do say it will be over quickly.

Be Patient: You child may be frightened and will be reassured by the calm presence of a trusted adult.

Be Reassuring: Smile. Nod. Remind your child that you will be there to help.

Be Relatable: Remind your child that you got the shot, too - and you were just fine.

Be Gentle: Don't frighten your child with too many details about COVID-19 of show your anxiety about their shot.

Be Distracting: Bring a favorite toy or activity to help divert your child's attention when it's time for the shot.

Be Grateful: Thank your child, and remind them that you are proud of them for doing something to protect not only themselves, but others, too!

Download a printable flier here.

Vaccine Confidence Resources

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