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Join us for an all-day program to keep your child safely engaged with their peers while schools are currently not in session. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of crafts, active activities, games and more! Program is licensed through the MSDE Office of Childcare; Specific Documentation required to participate. Participants, with proper technology, will have the opportunity to complete virtual learning and work sessions. Temperature Checks and a Health Screening are required daily for admission to program. Click here to register. 

RecZone Program Press Release (August 26, 2020)

RecZone Program Press Release (August 12, 2020)

RecZone's COVID-19 Guidelines (August 10, 2020)

General Information

  • This is a new program. It is not affiliated with any before- or after-care program.
  • The program begins on September 8 at select schools throughout Howard County.
  • The program is licensed through the Maryland State Department of Education’s Office of Childcare. 
  • Click here to view the RecZone planner.
  • HCRP, in partnership with the HCPSS Grab-and-Go program, will provide all RecZone participants with a free breakfast and lunch each day that the program is held.

Registration is now open for both Howard County residents and non-Howard County Families.

Dates and Fees

  • September 8-11                        4 days         $175 (7am-6pm)       $148 (9am-3pm)
  • September 14-18                      5 days         $219 (7am-6pm)       $185 (9am-3pm)
  • September 21-25                     5 days         $219 (7am-6pm)       $185 (9am-3pm)
  • September 29-October 2       4 days         $175 (7am-6pm)       $148 (9am-3pm)
  • October 5-9                               5 days         $219 (7am-6pm)       $185 (9am-3pm)
  • October 12-16                           5 days         $219 (7am-6pm)       $185 (9am-3pm)
  • October 19-23                           5 days         $219 (7am-6pm)       $185 (9am-3pm)
  • October 26-30                           5 days         $219 (7am-6pm)       $185 (9am-3pm)
  • November 2, 4-6                     4 days          $175 (7am-6pm)       $148 (9am-3pm)
  • November 9-13                         5 days         $219 (7am-6pm)       $185 (9am-3pm)
  • November 16-20                       5 days         $219 (7am-6pm)       $185 (9am-3pm)
  • November 30-December 4     5 days         $219 (7am-6pm)       $185 (9am-3pm)
  • December 7-11                          5 days        $219 (7am-6pm)        $185 (9am-3pm)
  • December 14-18                        5 days         $219 (7am-6pm)       $185 (9am-3pm)
  • December 21-23                        3 days         $132 (7am-6pm)       $111 (9am-3pm)
  • January 4-8                                 5 days         $325 (7am-6pm)       $259 (9am-3pm)
  • January 11-15                             5 days         $325 (7am-6pm)       $259 (9am-3pm)
  • January 19-22                            4 days         $260 (7am-6pm)       $209 (9am-3pm)
  • January 25-28                            4 days         $260 (7am-6pm)       $209 (9am-3pm)
Finance/Costs/Registration Questions

Why does this program cost money? Why isn’t it free?

RecZone is a recreational licensed childcare program; this program is not part of the Howard County Public School System but rather a childcare program that is being permitted in each school. This childcare program is a self-sustaining program and is not funded by tax-payer money.

I already paid for RecZone at the original price. Can I now get the discounted price?

Parents who have already registered for RecZone from September 8 to December 31, 2020 will receive a credit to their Recreation & Parks account for the difference in pricing.

Who qualifies for financial assistance, payment plans, vouchers, or reduced-priced care?

Below are three options you may be able to utilize.

  1. Payment plans are available to allow for flexibility. Please call 410-313-7275, Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. and we will work with you on a plan that meets your needs.
  2. The department also offers financial assistance to qualifying Howard County residents. Call for additional information and guidelines at 410-313-7275. 
  3. Through Maryland State Department of Education Division of Early Childhood, the Child Care Scholarship (CCS) (formerly known as Child Care Subsidy) program provides financial assistance with childcare costs to eligible working families in Maryland. The program is managed through a centralized vendor – Child Care Subsidy Central (CCS Central). Please visit to see if your family qualifies.

Can I do only the weeks I need? Or do I need to sign up for the entire month?

You can sign up for whatever weeks you need care. You do NOT need to sign up for the entire month. Please remember registration is requried for each individual week.

I do not live or work in Howard County. Can I still sign up my child?

Yes. The program is first-come, first-served.

What is your refund policy?

At a minimum, all refund requests are subject to a 20% administrative fee. Additional fees may be assessed to recover costs associated with the program. There are no refunds for missed sessions.


What are the locations?

Below are the tentative locations (they are subject to change).

  • Bellow Springs Elementary School, 8125 Old Stockbridge Road, Ellicott City
  • Bollman Bridge Elementary School, 8200 Savage-Guilford Road, Savage
  • Bushy Park Elementary School, 14601 Carrs Mill Road, Glenwood
  • Clarksville Middle School, 6535 South Trotter Road, Clarksville
  • Dayton Oaks Elementary School, 4691 Ten Oaks Road, Dayton
  • Deep Run Elementary School, 6925 Old Waterloo Road, Elkridge
  • Elkridge Elementary School, 7075 Montgomery Road, Elkridge
  • Forest Ridge Elementary School, 9550 Gorman Road, Laurel
  • Fulton Elementary School, 11600 Scaggsville Road, Fulton
  • Hanover Hills Elementary School, 7030 Banbury Drive, Hanover
  • Hollifield Station Elementary School, 8701 Stonehouse Drive, Ellicott City
  • Ilchester Elementary School, 4981 Ilchester Road, Ellicott City
  • Laurel Woods Elementary School, 9250 North Laurel Road, Laurel
  • Manor Woods Elementary School, 11575 Frederick Road, Ellicott City
  • Veterans Elementary School, 4355 Montgomery Road, Ellicott City
  • Waverly Elementary School, 10220 Wetherburn Road, Ellicott City

If I sign up for the 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. childcare option, how will my child be online in time for the first class?

We will work with you to ensure that your child is “on time” for their virtual check in. For example, you may arrive at 8:45 a.m. to begin the check-in procedure.

Do I have to sign up at my home school?

No. You can sign up at the location that is most convenient (as long as space is available).

Why are you not including schools located in Columbia?

The Columbia Association is providing a program at Columbia locations. Please click here for more information on their program.