Code Enforcement


The mission statement of the Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services is to “Educate, Protect, and Serve.” The Office of the Fire Marshal embodies that motto through our work to reduce the risk of fire and fire-related injury or death. A critical part of any fire prevention program is a strong code enforcement program. That strong program has many pieces to it, including building inspections, plan reviews, a code revision process, and relationships with other departments in all levels of government.

The Fire Code Enforcement Inspector

While there are many members of the Department who have the ability to enforce the fire code, a large majority of that work is performed by those assigned to the Office of the Fire Marshal. Today’s fire inspector inspects everything from in-home daycare, to food trucks, to businesses. Today’s fire inspector is knowledgeable of our fire code and skilled at researching other codes.  

Code Violations

If you believe a business has a fire code violation that is imminently dangerous to life or health – i.e., the fire alarm is out-of-service, marked emergency exits are blocked, or overcrowding conditions exist, please dial 911.  

The Office of the Fire Marshal inspects, investigates and educates. If you aren’t sure who to talk to and have a questions in regards to a service by the Fire Marshal, please call 410-313-6040.

For all other types of inspections, please dial 410-313-6040.

Helpful Pre-Inspection Documents

If a fire safety inspecti