Moderate Income Housing Unit (MIHU) Rental Information



    Applicants interested in MIHU rentals must apply directly to a participating rental community at anytime during the year. MIHUs are rented on a first-come, first-serve basis. MIHUs are interspersed throughout each community and residents enjoy all the amenities of the community life. The only County requirement is that your household income cannot exceed the amounts below.  Rental apartment addresses and phone numbers can be found on the Apartments for Rent link at the bottom of this page.



      Effective 1/1/2019
    Household Size Maximum Income
    1 $46,819           
    2 $53,507
    3 $60,195
    4 $66,884
    5 $72,235
    6 $77,585
    7 $82,936
    8+ $88,287



    Participating MIHU Apartment Communities - updated August 2019 - New Community at Dartmoor Place

    Section 13.405 of the Howard County Code can be found by clicking this link - MuniCode
    Questions? Call the Department of Housing and Community Development at (410) 313-6318 for additional information about housing unit types, unit sizes, purchase or rental prices and further details about how you can become eligible for affordable housing opportunities in Howard County.