2017 Amusement Park Ticket Prices
April 11-September 1, 2017

New service for tax receipts! 

Customers, you can now print tax receipts from your online account. This information will print one document that shows all the programs you may decide to claim on your taxes.  

All information is based on who paid for the programs/services so you will only see what your family paid.  If someone else paid, this will not come up and that payer will need to print the individual receipt off their account.



1.       Login (https://apm.activecommunities.com/howardcounty/Home)

2.       Click on the blue “My Account” button

3.       Click on “Print Tax Receipts”

4.       Click on “Run Report”

5.       The report shows in the top right corner of this form the full address and the Tax ID number.