Shared Septic Division

The Shared Septic System Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the County’s 25 shared septic systems. A shared septic system is a system that serves the wastewater treatment needs of only one community and they are located outside the metropolitan district. Each system consists of a collection system that conveys raw wastewater to a central location where it is treated and disposed of in a use-in-common drainfield.

This division responds to inquiries regarding:
Alarms either at the house control panels that are connected to individual grinder pumps serving that residence
Alarms at the shared septic wastewater treatment headworks
General questions regarding shared septic systems
Questions regarding User Fees for shared septic systems

The following links contain the User Guides for each individual septic system:

It is important that all users of shared septic systems follow these guidelines. The users are responsible for the costs of operating and maintaining the systems and misuse can lead to costly repairs. 

Shared Septic Forms and Documents

Shared Septic Builder Checklist