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What is the Bay Restoration Fund ?

Water quality in the Chesapeake Bay has been steadily declining over the past 50 years due to an overload of nutrients, primarily nitrogen and phosphorus.
The four major contributors of nutrients to the Bay are :

  • Combustion of fossil fuels ( vehicles, industry and electric utilities )
  • Urban runoff
  • Agricultural runoff
  • Effluent from waste water treatment plants

The Bay Restoration Fund was signed into law on May 26, 2004. The purpose of the Law was to create a Fund, financed by the waste water plant users, to fund ENR upgrades to the State’s largest wastewater treatment plants.

Upon completion of all the ENR upgrades, nutrient loading to the Bay will be reduced by over 7.5 million pounds of nitrogen and 260 thousand pounds of phosphorus.

Users of wastewater treatment plants pay $2.50 per month per equivalent dwelling unit ( EDU ). This fee will generate approximately $60 million per year.