Howard County Planning and Zoning is beginning a multi-year project to modernize and unify the County's development regulations under a single, comprehensive document that will make the regulations simpler for residents to understand and use. Please click here for more information on HoCode Rewrite.


Zoning Regulations

Zoning is the division of land into separate districts within which uses are permitted, prohibited or permitted with conditions. The Howard County Zoning Regulations establish districts to promote patterns of land use that are compatible with existing and future development and implement the County's General Plan.

Zoning Administration

Zoning Administration Functions include determining compliance with the Zoning Regulations, as well as processing requests for residential and commercial variances, conditional uses, temporary uses, Administrative Adjustments, Zoning Regulation Amendments, and Zoning Map Amendments. 

Code Enforcement

The Office of Code Enforcement ensures that structures and uses comply with Howard County Zoning Regulations as well as other Regulations and Guidelines managed by the Department of Planning and Zoning.


Location and Hours

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Frequently Asked Questions

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