Family Options Program

The Family OPTIONS Program is a teen parenting program for high-risk pregnant and parenting


teenagers who live in Howard County.

To participate you must be: 

  • Age 18 or younger when you enroll
  • A first-time pregnant or parenting teen
  • A Howard County resident

The program has parenting groups, home visits and connections to other resources at no charge. The program is funded through a grant from the Howard County Department of Social Services.

For information or a referral, contact Colleen Nester at 410-313-0613.

"You and Me Babe" Group

There are two groups offered through the FamilyOPTIONS program. One program is for pregnant teens; the other is for parenting teens. 

Each meets twice a month at the Health Department for two hours. The groups' participants include the pregnant/parenting moms, their infants and fathers whenever possible. 

The teens receive support from each other and learn playful strategies to encourage their babies’ development. The group also focuses on teaching specific prenatal and parenting skills, such as discipline, stress and anger management, and learning nurturing routines.

For information or a referral, contact Colleen Nester at 410-313-0613.

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Intensive In-Home Case Management Services

Case management services are offered to participants of the "You and Me Babe" groups, both by telephone and at home. More intensive home-based parent counseling services are provided to families where there is a greater risk of child abuse or neglect. 

Some of the issues focused on during in-home visits include: maintaining a healthy pregnancy; preparing for labor and delivery; and parenting issues.

Case management also includes providing links to community resources, like daycare assistance, mental health and addiction services, and addressing any barriers to getting access to health care.

For information or a referral, contact Colleen Nester at 410-313-0613.