Pension Oversight Commission


The Commission shall submit an annual report of the status of the County employees' and Police and Fire employees’ retirement plans to the County Executive and the County Council. The County Council shall review and accept by Resolution the annual report submitted by the Commission. The Commission shall also review and comment on all legislation related to the County's retirement plans.

Meetings in Fiscal Year 2016-2017:

Scheduled periodically by mutual agreement of the Commissioners.

Date   Agenda  Minutes  
 August 18 , 2015        click here        click here
 February 5, 2016  click here click here
 March 18, 2016  click here click here
 April 4, 2016  click here click here
 April 11, 2016  click here click here
 April 14, 2016  click here click here
 June 17, 2016  click here click here
 March 17, 2017  click here click here
 April 7, 2017  click here  
 April 20, 2017  click here  


Number of Members: 5

All must be residents of Howard County and knowledgeable about pension administration and funding.

Appointed by:

Members are appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Council.

 Current Commissioners:

Todd Snyder

Mitch Stringer

Toshie Kabuto

Peter M. Hong

Kenneth M. Barnes


Howard County Office of Human Resources, (410) 313-2033