Howard County Complete Streets

Howard County has adopted a Complete Streets Policy and is developing a Complete Streets Design Manual to be completed by October 2021. These initiatives were recommended in both the Howard County General Plan (PlanHoward) and the Howard County Bicycle Master Plan (BikeHoward), and were required by the adoption of Council Resolution 35-2016.

What is Complete Streets


Our vision is: “To ensure that Howard County is a place for individuals of all backgrounds to live and travel freely, safely, and comfortably, public and private roadways in Howard County shall be safe and convenient for residents of all ages and abilities who travel by foot, bicycle, public transportation or automobile, ensuring sustainable communities Countywide.” - From Howard County's Complete Streets Policy Statement

Resolution and Policy

The Howard County Council unanimously adopted the Complete Streets Resolution CR120-2019 on October 7, 2019. Click here to read the Policy Statement. 

Policy Implementation

Click here to read the October 27, 2020 report on the first year of policy implementation.