Howard County Complete Streets Policy Implementation

Complete Streets Policy Implementation

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The Howard County Council unanimously adopted the Complete Streets Policy on October 7, 2019. Click here to view an infographic that summarizes the Complete Streets Policy.

Howard County has adopted a Complete Streets Policy and is creating a Complete Streets and Bridges Design Manual. These initiatives were recommended in both the Howard County General Plan (PlanHoward) and the Howard County Bicycle Master Plan (BikeHoward), and were required by the adoption of Council Resolution 35-2016Howard County's Complete Streets Policy Statement was adopted as part of CR35-2016:

“To ensure that Howard County is a place for individuals of all backgrounds to live and travel freely, safely, and comfortably, public and private roadways in Howard County shall be safe and convenient for residents of all ages and abilities who travel by foot, bicycle, public transportation or automobile, ensuring sustainable communities Countywide.”

Definition of Complete Streets

“Complete Streets are streets for everyone. They are designed and operated to enable safe access for all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders of all ages and abilities. Complete Streets make it easy to cross the street, walk to shops, and bicycle to work.” – National Complete Streets Coalition.
Complete Streets Implementation Team Meetings

The Complete Streets Implementation Team finished drafting the Complete Streets Policy in Spring 2019 through a series of team and stakeholder meetings, and the Multimodal Transportation Board (MTB) endorsed the draft policy on June 25, 2019.

Complete Streets Implementation Team Meetings:

Complete Streets Implementation Team Meeting

George Howard Building

3430 Court House Drive, Ellicott City

Columbia/Ellicott Room


Howard County Complete Streets Implementation Team Meeting (via teleconference)

Wed, May 6, 2020 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM (EDT)


Meeting Minutes



April 1, 2020 at 3:00 P.M.


Meeting Minutes



March 4, 2020 at 3:00 P.M.


Meeting Minutes



February 5, 2020 at 3:00 P.M.


Meeting Minutes



January 8, 2020 at 3:00 P.M.


Meeting Minutes


December 11, 2019

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As the Complete Streets and Bridges Design Manual development process continues, additional CSIT and stakeholder meetings will take place on a schedule yet to be determined.

Complete Streets Implementation Representatives

(Green indicates Howard County Government Representative)



Howard County Executive’s Office

Sam Sidh

Office of Transportation

Chris Eatough

Department of Public Works, Highways

Kris Jagarapu

Department of Public Works, Engineering

Tom Auyeung

Department of Planning and Zoning

Chad Edmondson

Department of Recreation and Parks

Paul Walsky

Howard County Council

Christiana Rigby

Howard County Public Schools Transportation

David Ramsay

Columbia Association

Kristin Russell

Multimodal Transportation Board

Larry Schoen

Public Works Board

Cory Summerson

Howard County General Hospital

David Nitkin

Private Sector Engineer

Carl Gutschick

Horizon Foundation 

Jennifer White

The County-wide Events and Meetings calendar can be found here (select the "Transportation" category to show only Office of Transportation-related meetings).

Archived 2019 Complete Streets Meeting Materials

April 23, 2019:
Public meeting #1 Complete Streets Presentation

June 25, 2019
The Multimodal Transportation Board endorsed the draft Complete Streets Policy at this meeting. Click here to read the MTB-endorsed draft policy.

Archived 2016 Complete Streets Meeting Materials

Meeting No. 1: Meeting Minutes-April 27, 2016

Meeting No. 2: Meeting Minutes-May 12, 2016

Meeting No. 3: Meeting Minutes-May 26, 2016

Meeting No.4: Meeting Minutes-June 9, 2016

Meeting No. 5: Meeting Minutes-June 23, 2016

Meeting No. 6: Meeting Minutes-July 7, 2016

Meeting No. 7: Meeting Minutes- July 21, 2016

Meeting No. 8: Meeting Minutes-September 15, 2016

Complete Streets Stakeholder Update Meetings

These meetings are held periodically throughout the policy development process and are open to the public.

The first stakeholder update meeting was held on June 15, 2016.

Presentation from the meeting is here: June 15, 2016 Stakeholder Presentation

Meeting minutes are here: June 15, 2016 Stakeholder Meeting Minutes