Board To Promote Self Sufficiency

The Board to Promote Self-Sufficiency (BPSS) was created in 2008 to act as a planning and coordinating body for initiatives that promote the economic stability of individuals and families and reduce the incidence of poverty in Howard County.  The Board envisions a community where those in need have opportunities and pathways for getting ahead.

The Board generally meets at Patuxent Woods Drive Columbia, MD 21046. During COVID-19 the Board is meeting via WebEx. If you would like to attend a BPSS meeting, please email Cara Baumgartner, , for a WebEx invitation. 

Board members include key stakeholders from both the public and private sectors. Current Community and Ex-Officio Board Members are listed below.

Sherry Banks, Temporary Cash Assistance Unit, Family Investment Administration, Howard County Department of Social Services (Term ends 11-1-20)

Jennifer Broderick​, Executive Director, Bridges to Housing Stability (Awaiting confirmation)

Brad Closs, Community Volunteer (Term ends 11-1-19)

Bita Dayhoff, President, Community Action Council of Howard County, Inc. (Term ends 11-1-22) 

Joan Driessen, Director, Association of Community Services  (Term ends 11-1-21)

Kashonna Holland, Owner, Simply Kashonna (Term ends 11-1-22)

Ayesha Holmes, Director, Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center (Term ends 11-1-23)

Lisa Jablonover, Community Volunteer (Term ends 11-1-21)  

Stan Levi, Community Volunteer (Term ends 11-1-20)

Aisha Masood​, Community Volunteer (Term ends 6-3-24)

Jennifer Pollitt Hill, Executive Director, HopeWorks of Howard County, Inc. (Term ends 11-1-22) 

Kim Salazar, Director of Finance, Howard County General Hospital (Term ends 11-1-19)

Kelly Cimino, Director, Department of Housing and Community Development

Peter Engel, Howard County Housing Commission

Kate Hetherington, President, Howard Community College

Jack Kavanagh, Director, Howard County Department of Corrections    

Dr. Michael Martirano, Howard County Public Schools System

Lisa Myers, Chief of Police, Howard County Police Department

Maura Rossman, Health Officer, Howard County Health Department  

Jacqueline Scott, Director, Howard County Department of Community Resources & Services

Francine Trout, Administrator, Howard County Office of Workforce Development 


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