Board To Promote Self Sufficiency

The Board to Promote Self-Sufficiency was created in 2008 to act as a planning and coordinating body for initiatives that promote the economic stability of individuals and families and reduce the incidence of poverty in Howard County.  The Board envisions a community where those in need have opportunities and pathways for getting ahead.

The Board generally meets the fourth Thursday of each month, from 9:00 to 10:30 A.M., at Patuxent Woods Drive Columbia, MD 21046. Contact the Department of Community Resources and Services at 410-313-6400 (voice/relay) to confirm meeting time and location.

Board members include key stakeholders from both the public and private sectors. Current Community and Ex-Officio Board Members are listed below. 

Sherry Banks, Temporary Cash Assistance Unit, Family Investment Administration, Howard County Department of Social Services (Term ends 11-1-20)

Bita Dayhoff, President, Community Action Council of Howard County, Inc. (Term ends 11-1-17) 

Brad Closs, Community Volunteer (Term ends 11-1-19)

Joan Driessen, Director, Association of Community Services  (Term ends 11-1-21)

Lisa Jablonover, Community Volunteer (Term ends 11-1-21)  

Julie Keough, Business Process Manager, Integrated Waste Analysts, Inc.

Stan Levi, Community Volunteer (Term ends 11-1-20)

Stephen Martin, Account Executive, FEI Systems (Term ends 11-1-20)   

Jennifer Pollitt Hill, Executive Director, HopeWorks of Howard County, Inc. (Term ends 11-1-22) 

Matt Poole, Lead Pastor, Glen Mar United Methodist Church (Term ends 11-1-19)   

Ayesha Holmes, Director, Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center

Kim Salazar, Director of Finance, Howard County General Hospital

Andrea Cain, Board Member of Chamber of Commerce (Term ends 11-1-18)

Kashonna Holland, Owner, Simply Kashonna


Karen Butler, Director, Howard County Department of Social Services   

Jack Kavanagh, Director, Howard County Department of Corrections      

Maura Rossman, Health Officer, Howard County Health Department  

Francine Trout, Administrator, Howard County Office of Workforce Development      

Jacqueline Scott, Director, Howard County Department of Community Resources & Services

Carol MacPhee, Howard County Housing Commission

Kate Hetherington, President, Howard Community College

Dr. Michael Martirano, Howard County Public Schools System

Gary Gardner, Chief of Police, Howard County Police Department

Kelly Cimino, Director, Department of Housing and Community Development

  • Plan to End Homelessness    

In 2010 The Board adopted the “Plan to End Homelessness,” which was the culmination of the dedicated work of the Committee to End Homelessness. The Plan outlines strategies to end homelessness in Howard County and reflects best practices nationwide. It is one of the key focus areas for the board. 

  • Apprenticeship Program     

As another example of the Board's ongoing efforts, Howard County announced that Elkridge-based E-Structors, Inc., a leading company in the electronics recycling industry, is launching an “Electronic Asset Recovery Technician Apprenticeship Program” at their warehouse facility to support job seekers reentering the workforce.  The apprenticeship program grew out of the work of the Board to Promote Self-Sufficiency.      

Community Outreach Committee 
The Community Outreach Committee was formed to address needs in the strategic plan. The committee includes key community members with the goal of informing and engaging community stakeholders about the work of the Board. Tasks include creating a one-page document that summarizes the work of the Board that can be shared with members of the community and managing the annual Hire Power Awards. 

Evaluation and Resource Allocation Committee (ERA) 
The Evaluation and Resource Allocation Committee reviews and evaluates homeless assistance program grants. They review data and local, state and federal programs and are responsible for allocating projects funded through the Continuum of Care.         

Steering Committee on Homeless Services 
The Steering Committee on Homeless Services was formed to address the planning needs of the Continuum of Care. Since the BPSS is the advisory Board of the Continuum of Care program, this Committee meets bimonthly to discuss ongoing needs for those in the County who are experiencing homelessness or who are at risk of experiencing homelessness. Additionally, workgroups of this Committee meet to address specific needs identified by the Committee, including but not limited to subpopulations and services.