CB 13-2020 - An Act amending the Howard County Code to establish a Notice and a Requirement to provide an offer to the County and Housing Commission to Purchase Rental Housing offered for sale in the County; and generally relating to the sale of Rental Housing.

Effective September 6, 2020 - In accordance with Section 13.1402(a) of the Howard County Code, if you intend to sell your multi-family dwelling unit(s), you must notify the Department of Housing & Community Development and the Howard County Housing Commission simultaneously by completing these forms: 

  1. Notice of Sale 13.1403a
  2. Right of First Refusal - Offer to Purchase 13.1403
  3. Notice of Execution of Bona Fide Contract of Sale - 13.1402b
  4. Certificate of Compliance 13.1402(c)
  5. Certificate to Finance 13.1403(i)

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