Mission Statement

Doing what it takes to keep the traveling public safe and moving.

Bureau of Highways Locations and Contacts

Kris Jagarapu, PE, Chief

7125 Riverwood Drive - Suite B
Columbia, MD 21045-2355
  Phone:410- 313-7450
  Fax: 410- 313-7260
Email: highways@howardcountymd.gov

James Barker, Superintendent
Central Zone - Dayton
4301 Route 32,
Dayton, MD 21036
Darrell Triplett , Superintendent
West Zone - Cooksville
14212 Frederick Road,
Cooksville, MD 21723   

Francis Wayne French, Superintendent
East Zone - Mayfield
7751 Mayfield Avenue,
Elkridge, MD 21075 

Jennifer Biddle, PE, Chief 
Traffic Engineering Division
7125 Riverwood Drive - Suite B
Columbia, MD 21045-2355
Phone: 410-313-2430
Email: Traffic@howardcountymd.gov

The Bureau of Highways is responsible for addressing a number of issues concerning pavement, sidewalks, storm drains, and trees along more than 1,000 miles of County roads for the convenience and safety of the public. This work includes preservation efforts such as road crack-sealing and tree trimming, and remedial efforts such as County road snow removal and filling potholes.

How to Report Roadway Concerns

To report a highway maintenance concern such as road condition, sidewalks, storm drainage or street tree issue, contact the Highways Operations Division at 410-313-7450, via the Tell HoCo website or by email at highways@howardcountymd.gov. For urgent/emergency situations (flooding, a stop sign down, a fallen tree blocking the road, etc.), please do not use email or the Tell HoCo website.  Please call, so that Highways may immediately respond to your emergency request.


To report a traffic control concern such as intersection safety, traffic calming, street lights and mis-timed traffic signal or school flasher, contact the Traffic Engineering Division at 410-313-2430 or by email at traffic@howardcountymd.gov

Outside Agencies' Responsibilities

Street Lights

BGE is responsible for all street light outages and maintenance (lights that are knocked down, bulb out, or on in daylight). Contact BGE Customer Service at 1-800-685-0123, or online at www.BGE.com.

State Roads

The State Highway Administration (SHA) is responsible for all the work and maintenance that you see on roads that have a route number (such as MD Route 40 or Route 29). For an intersection that includes a state and county road, the state takes precedence and has jurisdiction. In Howard County, the SHA can be contacted at the Dayton office at 410-531-5533, or 1-800-635-5119, or online at www.marylandroads.com. 
To search current SHA projects and possible impacts visit: https://apps.roads.maryland.gov/WebProjectLifeCycle/AdvancedSearch.aspx .

Utility Boxes and Cables

Utility companies are responsible for maintaining their own boxes and cables, including keeping the cables free from tree branches. To report damage to utility boxes or concerns about utility cables, please contact the appropriate utility company for a