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Howard County school zones

School Zone Speed Camera Report to the County Council (March 2020)

Program history and background
In May 2011, the County Council passed Council Bill 13-2011, authorizing the use of speed cameras in Howard County. The legislation authorizes the Department of Police to use speed monitoring systems in school zones within Howard County. The overall goal of the speed camera program is to change driver behavior in school zones. The department began to issue warnings in October 2011 and began to issue citations in November 2011.

This program utilizes manned mobile systems to enable the department to be both proactive and reactive to the continuing problem of speeding in school zones. Mobile systems do not require roadway improvements or roadway construction, resulting in no inconvenience to the public. Only members of the police department certified to operate the camera system and equipment will staff the mobile systems.

By statute, enforcement can take place Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Enforcement will take place on specific roadways, at specific times, based on the data collected from the department’s speed studies, as well as complaints the department continues to receive from a variety of sources.

Citations issued through the speed camera program are civil violations that carry a $40 fine and no points. A citation is issued to the owner of the vehicle. The owner may request a hearing to contest the citation in Howard County District Court. Failure to pay the fine or attend court will result in a notification to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. The owner’s registration wil