Community Plans

The Department of Comprehensive and Community Planning (DCCP) partners with communities to shape innovative plans for great places. By developing community plans, DCCP partners with other DPZ staff, with other County and State agencies, and with residents and their elected officials. These plans create a comprehensive overview of targeted areas and provide opportunities for sustainable, vibrant, healthy, and active communities across Howard County.

Long reach meeting

Ellicott City

The Master Plan for Ellicott City and the Tiber-Hudson Watershed is underway …..  More information can be found here.

Additional Ellicott City Resources:

North Laurel-Savage

In 2013, Howard County prepared a Sustainable Community Action Plan for the North Laurel-Savage area. The Maryland Sustainable Communities Program is a place-based designation offering a comprehensive package of resources that support holistic strategies for community development, revitalization and sustainability. 

In 2019, Howard County prepared the Renewal Sustainable Community Action Plan for North Laurel-Savage area. This renewal allows this community to continue applying for certain State grants over a period of five years.

Downtown Columbia

The Downtown Columbia Plan Amended is an amendment to the Howard County General Plan and creates a 30-year master plan for the revitalization and redevelopment of Downtown Columbia. Specific land use, transportation, environmental, community conversation and housing policies are presented.

Downtown Columbia Monitoring Report

This report, completed in the fall of 2018, provides the first update for the implementation of the 2010 Downtown Columbia Plan. Focused on development, transit and transportation, arts and culture, and the environment, this report provides a status update regarding the implementation of the goals and vision laid out for Columbia's downtown in the 2010 master plan.

Downtown Columbia Monitoring Report (2018)

From Vision to Reality: Revitalizating Downtown Columbia

This dynamic story map complements the 2018 monitoring report by providing users with a dynamic guided tour through Downtown Columbia, reviewing the key aspects of the 2010 master plan and showing neighborhood by neighborhood how the vision laid out several years ago is coming to life. (Click the heading to access the story map)


Design Guidelines

Environmental Studies

Transportation Studies

Other Downtown Documents

Columbia Village Centers

Village centers serve as focal points and gathering places for the villages of Columbia. PlanHoward 2030 encourages village center property owners, village boards, and residents to develop and implement plans for enhancing or redeveloping older village centers to maintain them as attractive focal points for the villages. Eight of the nine village community associations have prepared Village Center Community Plans (excluding Dorsey's Search), which are master plans for each village center. Special initiatives are underway for some of the village centers.

Resources by Village Center

Harper's Choice

Hickory Ridge

Kings Contrivance

Long Reach

Owen Brown

Oakland Mills

River Hill

Wilde Lake