Community Planning





The Department of Planning and Zoning’s Division of Comprehensive and Community Planning (DCCP) is responsible for the oversight and development of various comprehensive and community planning efforts, including the County’s General Plan, corridor design manuals (Route 1, Route 40, and Clarksville Pike), area plans and studies (Ellicott City, Downtown Columbia, and Columbia Village Centers) and Sustainable Community designations (Long Reach, North Laurel-Savage, and Ellicott City).  DCCP serves as a resource to educate citizens about planning, zoning and land use through the national award winning PlanHoward Academy and through other county-wide community engagement initiatives.


General Plan

PlanHoward 2030, Howard County's General Plan, creates a sustainable framework for enhancing our economy, environment and quality of life.

Corridor Plans

Corridor plans address areas along roadways with design and streetscape strategies.

  • Route 1 Corridor
  • Route 40 Corridor
  • Clarksville Pike

Community Plans

Community plans focus on small areas with specialized topics.

  • Ellicott City
  • North Laurel-Savage
  • Downtown Columbia
  • Columbia Village Centers

Design Advisory Panel

The Design Advisory Panel process encourages excellence in project design.