The Coordinated System of Homeless Services (CSHS)

The Coordinated System of Homeless Services (CSHS) Howard County Counts advertisement

The Coordinated System of Homeless Services (CSHS) is a network of community services and supports that coordinates efforts to end homelessness in Howard County. CSHS is comprised of service providers and government agencies which offer resources to households in need, to prevent loss of stable housing or regain housing that has been lost.  Financial assistance is available through multiple community partners; households needing additional resources may contact the system’s Single Point of Entry for assessment and connection to varying levels of support. 

Intensive Case Management services assist households to:

  • identify and address barriers to housing stability; 
  • connect to resources and ongoing supports; 
  • identify appropriate and affordable housing.  

CSHS also directly includes:

  • employment services;
  • addiction and trauma treatment;
  • support for domestic violence survivors;
  • ReEntry services and supports for school-age children through Howard County’s Public School System. 
  • A Housing Specialist provides expertise to locate housing for individuals and families whose past rental history is a barrier to securing new housing.
  • The Landlord Guarantee Program provides protection to landlords who rent to these households.
  • Flexible Financial Assistance is available to help through some CSHS partners to support housing stability plans of CSHS clients.

   For additional information on the Coordinated System of Homeless services, view the organizational flow chart or contact the Services  Coordinator at 410-313-0224 (voice/relay). 

CSHS Partners: