The Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch, administered by the State, consists of the Circuit Court, District Court, and Orphans Court.

Circuit Court - The Circuit Court is part of the Judicial Branch of government and is a court of general jurisdiction. Circuit Court hears jury trials, juvenile, family law, serious criminal matters and complex civil matters. Circuit Court also hears appeals from the District Court of Maryland, Orphans Court and Administrative Agencies.
District Court - The jurisdiction of the court includes all landlord-tenant cases,replevin actions, motor vehicle violations, misdemeanors and certain felonies.

Orphans Court- The Maryland Orphans’ Court is the state’s probate court. It also has jurisdiction over guardianships of minors. In simpler terms, the main job of the Orphans’ Court is to supervise the handling of estates of people who have died – with or without a Will – while owning property in their sole name.