Community Outreach & Education

The Community Outreach & Education program organizes wellness projects that improve the health and safety of the Howard County community.

Services provided:

  • Deliver health education in Howard County communities, schools, worksites, and health care settings
  • Share health information to the Howard County community about Health Department services and resources
  • Partner with community agencies to deliver effective health promotion and illness prevention services in Howard County
Person behind table with outreach materials and information

CAREAPP is now a free, fully-translatable mobile app. Download it today from the App Store or Google Play.




CAREAPP is a Howard County Health Department website that connects people to community programs and services, including resources for food, health, housing, transportation, education, employment assistance, and more.  

CAREAPP can be used by community members seeking community programs. Translation functionality also built into the online platform. Learn more:

English Postcard English Business Card CAREAPP Website (English)
Spanish Postcard Spanish Business Card CAREAPP Website (Spanish)
Korean Postcard Korean Business Card CAREAPP Website (Korean)
Chinese Postcard Chinese Business Card CAREAPP Website (Chinese)
French Postcard French Business Card CAREAPP Website (French)
Burmese Postcard   CAREAPP Website (Burmese)

Community Health Education Request Form


We are happy to provide educational materials, tabling, and in-person or virtual presentations to your organization. Our ability to honor your request is based on staffing and alignment with HCHD mission and vision. Please complete the Community Health Education Request Form at least one (1) month prior to the event date..

  • If this form is completed one (1) month prior to the event, we will contact you to confirm or decline participation within five (5) business days. 
  • If this form is completed more than one (1) month in advance of the event, we will contact you to confirm or decline participation thirty (30) days before the event. 
  • If this form is completed less than one (1) month prior to the event, we may be able to offer HCHD program materials in lieu of HCHD staff participation. 

CAREAPP - connect to community programs and services

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