Our mandate to work against sex and labor trafficking in Howard County is supported in part through the work of the Howard County Human Trafficking Prevention Coordination Council (HTPCC), an appointed and voluntary body which held its first meeting in December 2017.  The HTPCC was made permanent by County legislation, (CB 52-2019) that took effect  in January 2020.  

The Office of Human Trafficking Prevention aligns with the values and standards of the Maryland Human Trafficking Task Force, partnering with anti-trafficking agencies and organizations which conform responsibly to best practices in the field.   

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All Full HTPCC and small committee meetings are open to the public and we welcome new participants to broaden our network and contribute to our work. Check out our past full and committee meeting agendas and join us!  

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Andrea Nunez, Manager, Office of Human Trafficking Prevention at 410-313-6558 (voice/relay) or [email protected].   

Briana Davis, Program Assistant, Office of Human Trafficking Prevention at 410-313-5967 (voice/relay) or [email protected].  

Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for other ways to volunteer? We recommend these 2 outstanding local partners:  

HopeWorks of Howard County – Howard County’s direct service provider to adult survivors of human trafficking, and other forms of IPV, based in Columbia. 

Araminta Freedom Initiative - Based in Baltimore.  

Red Sand Project

Advocates and officials throughout Howard County's human trafficking prevention network take part in the annual international Red Sand Project.

Red Sand Project 2021

Human Trafficking Prevention Coordination Council

The full HTPCC meets on a bi-monthly basis and convenes smaller project-driven committees and ad hoc workgroups as needed.  No confidential information is discussed.  All meetings are publicized in advance on this webpage and are open to the public.  Attendance is recorded and reflected in each full meetings’ minutes, which are approved at the next full HTPCC meeting.  Ex officio members within County government and the composition and number of public members are dictated by the Coordination Council’s founding legislation (CB 52-2019). Terms of the public members are staggered and vary in length and appointments are made as needed by the County Executive.   


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