ELLICOTT CITY, MD – Howard County Executive Calvin Ball joined Fire and Rescue Services Chief Louis Winston and Police Chief Gregory Der to donate hundreds of items of rescue, medical, and protective equipment to Project Joint Guardian for the people of Ukraine. Photos of the donations can be found here.  

“When there is a need, Howard County always finds a way to lend a helping hand. When we heard about Project Joint Guardian to support the people of Ukraine, there was no question that we had to help. I’m so grateful to our Fire and Rescue, and Police Departments for their quick collection of needed equipment that will help those facing terrible circumstances.” 

Calvin Ball
Howard County Executive

“We knew that this equipment could make a difference for the firefighters and other emergency workers in Ukraine. Howard County has a strong sense of community, and when others are in crisis – even across the world – our team steps up to help.”  

Lonnie Robbins
Chief Administrative Officer

“We are so fortunate here in Howard County to have the state-of-the-art equipment to keep our firefighters and community safe. Our hope is that these donated items can provide protection and resources for the firefighters in the Ukraine who are working around the clock to save and protect lives,” said Fire Chief Louis Winston. 
“We are happy to recycle protective equipment to help contribute to the safety of Ukrainian civilians,” said Police Chief Gregory Der. “This gear helped protect our officers here at home and now it can be used by those who can benefit from it abroad.”   
Project Joint Guardian is nonprofit comprised of firefighters working to help those across the world in need. Donations from the Howard County Departments include: 
Rescue and Firefighting Equipment 

  • 2 chainsaws 
  • 1 hydraulic spreader 
  • 1 hydraulic pump 
  • 2 hydraulic hoses 
  • 1 50” hydraulic ram 
  • 2 Reeves flexible stretchers 
  • 2 backboards 
  • 4 portable scene lights 
  • 4 decontamination nozzles 
  • 6 MSA full mask respirators 
  • 6 pairs of decontamination boots 
  • Turnout gear (approximately 20 sets) 
  • Firefighter helmets (approximately 30) 
  • Firefighting boots (approximately 30 pairs) 

Medical Equipment 

  • Adult and pediatric airway and breathing management supplies 
  • Bleach germicidal wipes 
  • IV supplies 
  • Medications, including but not limited to epinephrine, ondansetron, atropine, dextrose, haloperidol, etc. 
  • Adult and pediatric blood pressure cuffs 
  • Trauma supplies, including but not limited to tourniquets, tape, cling, splints, decompression needles, sterile water, shears, etc. 

Protective Equipment 

  • 17 Armor Plates 
  • 3 Plate Carriers 
  • 3 Water Camelbacks 
  • 71 Nylon Pouches/Slings/Holders 
  • 6 Ballistic Helmets 
  • 16 Ballistic Panels 
  • 5 Ballistic Vests 
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