The full HTPCC meets on a bi-monthly basis and convenes smaller project-driven committees and ad hoc workgroups as needed.  No confidential information is discussed.  All meetings are publicized in advance on this webpage and are open to the public.  Attendance is recorded and reflected in each full meetings’ minutes, which are approved at the next full HTPCC meeting.  Ex officio members within County government and the composition and number of public members are dictated by the Coordination Council’s founding legislation (CB 52-2019).  Terms of the public members are staggered and vary in length and appointments are made as needed by the County Executive.   

Board Information
Board Meeting Schedule

Thursday, July 15 2021; 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Meeting Information

Meeting link:…

Meeting number: 172 081 1744

Password: FRnPUJX3n34


Join by phone

1-650-479-3207 Call-in number (US/Canada)

Access code: 172 081 1744

Board Members



Chair: Yolanda Sonnier, Esq. Administrator, Howard County Office of Human Rights (elected July 22, 2020) 

Vice Chair: Jon Steuernagle, M.D. (Term Expiration Date May 4th 2021) (elected March 18, 2021)

Ex Officio Members 

Jackie Scott, J.D., M.L., Director, Howard County Department of Community Resources and Services 

Yolanda Sonnier, Esq. Administrator, Howard County Office of Human Rights 

Richard Gibson, Jr., Esq., Howard County State’s Attorney 

Lisa Myers, Chief, Howard County Police Department & Lt. Eric Kruhm, HCPD Vice and Narcotics Unit. 

Jessica Obiageli Epps, Howard County Commission for Women 

Stephen Liggett-Creel, LCSW-C, Director, Howard County Department of Social Services 

Jay Prager, LEHS, Environmental Health Constituent Liaison, Bureau of Environmental Health, Howard County Department of Health 

Dina Ward, Victim Advocate, Howard County Sheriff’s Office 

Lisa Davis, Director, Program Innovation and Student Well-Being, Howard County Public School System 

Mariam Imohi, Anti-Trafficking Department Director, HopeWorks of Howard County (formerly Domestic Violence Center) 

Term Expiration Date: May 4, 2025 (CR 49-2020) 

Sara Smoley, LCSW-C, Director of Clinical and Crisis Services, Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center 

Term Expiration Date: May 4, 2025 (CR 51-2020) 

Leslie Iampieri, LCSW-C, Director, Patient Support Services, Howard County General Hospital (A Member of Johns Hopkins Medicine) 

Term Expiration Date: May 4, 2025 (CR 47-2020) 

Sara Cochran, Founder/Lead Organizer, Howard County AGAST (Advocacy Group Against Slavery & Trafficking) 

Term Expiration Date: May 4, 2025 (CR 45-2020) 

Public Members 

Donna Bauer GPHR, PHR (Term Expiration Date: May 4, 2022 (CR 43-2020))  

Monica Krebs (Term Expiration Date: May 4, 2023 (CR 48-2020))  

Andrew Heilinger, M.B.A. (Term Expiration Date: May 4, 2024 (CR 46-2020)  

Alicia Altamirano, Esq. (Term Expiration Date: May 4, 2022 (CR 42-2020))  

Chuck Chandler (Term Expiration Date: May 4, 2021 (CR 44-2020)) 

Training, Outreach, and Partnerships (TOP) Committee

The TOP Committee, chaired by Nick Weikel focuses its efforts on:  

Raising awareness of human trafficking in the County through community engagement, including, but not limited to, the local faith community, civic organizations, and school-based parent and student groups.  

The creation of public advertisement/awareness raising materials such as videos and bus advertisements, as well as social media strategies.  

Planning the County's annual recognition of January as Human Trafficking Awareness Month in partnership with the Office of Human Trafficking Prevention and County Executive  

Next TOP Committee Meeting:  

Wednesday, Jun 30 2021; 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Meeting Information

Meeting link:

Meeting number: 172 702 1859

Password: tfDAgCPs426

More ways to join

Join by phone

1-650-479-3207 Call-in number (US/Canada)

Access code: 172 702 1859


TOP Committee Meeting Agendas  

6/30/21 Agenda

4/30/21 Agenda

2/26/21 Agenda

1/7/21 Agenda


TOP Committee Meeting Minutes

4/30/21 Meeting Minutes

2/26/21 Meeting Minutes

1/7/21 Meeting Minutes

10/30/20 Meeting Minutes

8/31/20 Meeting Minutes


Medical Committee

The Medical Committee, chaired by Leslie Iampieri, is focused on 

Bringing useful training content and resources about connecting potential victims to services to medical professionals at Howard County General Hospital and other providers throughout the Howard County.  

Next Medical Committee Meeting:  


Medical Committee Meeting Agendas:  

May 12 Agenda

Medical Committee Meeting Minutes: 

5/12/21 Meeting Minutes

Policy & Legislation Committee

The Policy & Legislation Committee, chaired by Monica Krebs, Case Response Specialist/Corporate Engagement at the National Human Trafficking Hotline operated by Polaris.  This committee focuses on pursuing evidence-based, victim-centered new policy initiatives in Howard County.  

Next Policy & Legislation Committee Meeting:  

Thursday, July 22 2021; 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Meeting link:…

Meeting number: 172 571 9904

Password: mNGvYTph962


Join by phone

1-650-479-3207 Call-in number (US/Canada)

Access code: 172 571 9904


Policy & Legislation Committee Meeting Agendas:  

5/13/21 Meeting Agenda

9/10/20 Meeting Agenda


Policy & Legislation Committee Meeting Minutes: 

5/13/21 Meeting Minutes

10/9/20 Meeting Minutes

9/10/20 Meeting Minutes

Boards & Commissions

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