About the Transportation and Special Projects Division

The Transportation and Special Projects Division consists of engineers and support staff managing the development of transportation infrastructure projects and large park capital projects. The Division handles maintenance of the transportation infrastructure that is beyond the scope of the Bureau of Highways. Examples of specific work would include the rehabilitation of existing bridges, widening of existing roadways, installation of storm drains in flood-prone areas, implementation of the County's Master Plan for sidewalk installation and construction of new parks.

The Division, along with the Development Engineering Division of the Department of Planning and Zoning, is responsible for the development of the Howard County road, bridge, and storm drain system design standards as established in the Howard County Design Manual Volumes I and III. 

Review of private development impacts to the local transportation infrastructure and development of transportation planning studies for capital projects are provided by this Division. 

The Division is also an active member of the design team for many State Highway Administration (SHA) projects within Howard County.