Local Business Initiative

Local businesses in Howard County are a pivotal driver in our local economy. Whenever possible, Howard County procurement dollars should be spent to support the local businesses that serve as a strong pillar in our economy.

Howard County is committed to creating a competitive and balanced economic environment within the County by ensuring community growth through the Local Business Initiative. The goal of the Local Business Initiative is to promote the growth and success of local businesses and to increase the percentage of County procurement dollars flowing to local businesses. Under the Local Business Initiative, County Departments and agencies are encouraged to select local businesses when purchasing goods or services that are under $10,000.00. 

For purposes of the Local Business Initiative, a local business is defined as an applicant that maintains its principal place of business in Howard County. If your business meets this eligibility criterion, and you are interested in certifying with Howard County as a local business, please complete the Local Business Initiative Certification Application using the link below.


Local Business Initiative Certification Application and Directory

In order to fill out the Local Business Initiative Certification Application, or to search our database of certified vendors please click here. When searching the database, select Local Business Enterprise (LBE) as the certification type in your search criteria.



Construction & Paving Local Business Outreach Event - July 1, 2020

The Howard County Office of Purchasing hosted a Virtual Construction & Paving Local Business Outreach Event on July 1, 2020. This event featured procurement, public works and facilities directors from Howard County Government, Howard County Public Schools and Howard Community College who provided attendees with valuable information about their respective agencies’ programs, initiatives, procurement needs and future projects.


For vendors that were unable to attend the live event on July 1, 2020, or those who would like to re-watch the WebEx virtual event at your leisure, the recording can be viewed by clicking on this link.