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Howard County Executive Ball Statement Regarding the President’s State of the Union Address

February 6, 2019

Media Contact:
Scott Peterson, Director of Communications, Office of Public Information, 202-277-9412

ELLICOTT CITY – Statement from Howard County Executive Calvin Ball in Response to the President’s State of the Union Address
“I was disappointed that President Trump did not mention, address, or, quite frankly, thank and appreciate the sacrifice of federal workers and contractors during his State of the Union address. As County Executive of Howard County, I understand that one of my key roles is to be the ‘C.E.O.’ of the Howard County government and lead its nearly 2,900 employees. The President of the United States is the ‘C.E.O.’ of our federal government, and it is difficult to watch the tens of thousands of hard working citizens of this nation, including the 50,000 federal employees and contractors who reside in Howard County, be treated so unfairly by their boss. 
Today, I sent a letter to President Trump urging him to not shut down the federal government again with the upcoming February 15th deadline looming. In my letter, I wrote to the President that ‘the federal workers, federal contractors, and, most importantly, their families should not be used as pawns for political negotiations.’ The impact of last month’s federal shutdown, the longest in our nation’s history, was the equivalent of dealing with a natural disaster. 
I am very proud of the work of the Howard County government, our non-profit and faith communities, as well as thousands of Howard County residents who stepped up to help, donate, and assist federal workers and contractors. I am also very appreciative of the hard work and constant vigilance of the Howard County congressional delegation – Senator Cardin, Senator Van Hollen, Rep. Cummings, Rep. Ruppersberger, and Rep. Sarbanes. Their offices never stopped working for our residents and doing everything in their power to provide support, answer questions, and end the shutdown.
Howard County, like our entire nation, cannot afford another shutdown financially but also emotionally – the stress, decline of morale, and threat to national security weakens every community in this country. Another shutdown must be avoided.” 


To read Howard County Executive Calvin Ball's letter in its entirety click here.