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Therapeutic Recreation & Inclusion Services

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities by providing community recreational and leisure opportunities and promoting lifelong skills. In addition to Therapeutic Recreation programs, individuals are encouraged to browse the wide variety of activities for individuals of all ages in the Program Guide. We want you to Choose Your Fun!


Community Resources:

Accessible Resources for Independence
Howard County Autism Society
Howard County Community Resources and Services
Howard County Public School System Special Education
Howard County Special Olympics
Hussman Institute for Autism  

Inclusion and Accommodation Services

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Accommodations Information:

Howard County Department of Recreation & Parks, Therapeutic Recreation section, strives to ensure quality and excellent programs and services to individuals with disabilities.  

The Department will continue to make reasonable accommodations to ensure that people with disabilities have an equal opportunity to enjoy programs, services, and activities. We strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment for all participants. Please note the accommodation requests are considered on an individual basis and determined by the needs of the individuals and the program they are participating in. 

Conduct that jeopardizes the safety of others will not be tolerated and may result in removal from our programs.  Additional Coronavirus (COVID-19)   precautions and mandates may not be modified due to the direct threat and safety concerns to mitigate and contain the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Behaviors that may jeopardize the safety of others including but not limited to:

1. Refusal to wash hands and practice hygiene or using hand sanitizer independently. 
2. Refusal to wear facial covering if required.

3. Refusal to stay in a designated area (classroom; outside pavilion).

4. Inability to follow social / physical distancing practices.

5. Touching peers or staff.

6. Inability to function in a program ratio of 13:2 or 14:1, staff to participant ratio. 


Participants must be independent with personal care and hygiene practices. If participants are not independent, a family member or designee may be called to provide this accommodation at camp.


Medical Clearance Requirements:

Per Maryland Department of Health and Governor Executive Order, participants under the age of 5 and over 65 years of age, will be required to have a clearance from their primary care physician.  Additionally, participants with any underlying medical conditions will need to have a medical clearance. Underlying Medical conditions may include, but are not limited to:  Chronic Lung Disease, Moderate to Severe Asthma, Serious Heart condition, Immunocompromised condition, severe Obesity (body mass index 40 or higher), Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease or Liver Disease.

All participants requesting an accommodation as of June 15, 2020, will need to complete an updated assessment as additional questions have been added to reflect COVID-19 guidelines. Each individual assessment will be reviewed by the Therapeutic Recreation team. Once Therapeutic Recreation and Accommodation Services has received the completed Accommodation Assessment; a review will be done, and accommodation plan determined.  At that time, a staff member will reach out to the designated point of contact within seven to 10 business days with a phone call or an email to discuss inclusion strategies. Please remember that increasing the staff-to-participant ratio is never guaranteed and is judged on a case-by-case basis. We will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations on an individual basis.  COVID-19 directives and mandates apply. A companion support staff is not a guarantee and is based on resident status, availability, space in the program and needs of the individuals.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact,

Susan L Potts, MS, CTRS at 410-313-4628 or

Victoria Taylor, CTRS at 410-313-4708 or

The Department of Recreation and Parks is a recognized leader in opportunities for individuals with disabilities and is pleased to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations.

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to register for general recreation programs of their choice. Howard County Recreation & Parks Department has developed an inclusion process to better accommodate Howard County residents with disabilities. This process has been recently updated. To ensure that we meet your program needs, please call Victoria Taylor, Therapeutic Recreation Supervisor 410-313-4708 or Susan Potts, Therapeutic Recreation Manager 410-313-4628 at least two weeks before the program begins to request accommodation services.

The Process to Request Accommodations:

  1. Choose Your Fun!  Look through the seasonal activity guide and find a class or program you or your family member would like. Howard County Recreation & Parks has a multitude of programs to choose from. You are always welcome to call us if you would like some guidance when choosing a program.

  2. Once you know what program you’d like to participate in, the next step is to register. When registering, let it be known that you will need an accommodation and make a note of whether or not you are a Howard County resident. (Those that are not a Howard County resident are welcome to participate in our programs, yet additional staff will not be provided. We will try to train staff the existing staff for out-of-county residents.) You may register online, over the phone, or in person at any of our community centers or headquarters.

  3. Once registered for a program, the next step is to request an accommodation through our Accommodations PortalThis portal will ask you for information about the program you have registered for as well as what type of accommodation you are requesting. A notification will be sent to the Therapeutic Recreation team when your request has been submitted.

  4. After your request has been made through our portal, an Accommodation Assessment link will be sent to you via email or the postal service. This assessment needs to be completed two weeks prior to the start of a program. This assessment will allow our team to better serve you and your loved one and gives our staff more information on how to make a program a success.

    1. Note: You only need to complete the Accommodation Assessment once a year; you must send all accommodation requests through the Accommodation Portal for each and every program (and section, for example, a child registered for the same camp two weeks in a row will need to put in two requests).

  5. Once our team has received the completed Accommodation Assessment, we will reach out to you within five business days with a phone call or an email confirming your request and to discuss strategies for inclusion. Please remember that increasing the staff-to-participant ratio is never guaranteed and is judged on a case-by-case basis. We will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations on an individual basis.

    1.  Please note that all required paperwork must be completed for requests to be reviewed.

If you would like to check the status of your request or if you have any questions regarding inclusion services, feel free to contact our therapeutic recreation team. We would be happy to help!

Victoria Taylor, CTRS, Therapeutic Recreation and Inclusion Services Supervisor
Office: 410- 313- 4708

Susan Potts, CTRS, MS, Therapeutic Recreation and Inclusion Services Manager
Office: 410-313-4628

Come live, learn, and Choose Your Fun! 

Virtual Programs

New to Therapeutic Recreation are the following virtual programs. These programs take place via Webex through your device in a quiet area of your home. Each virtual program consists of open dialog and guided interaction among participants in groups of varying sizes.

Virtual Program Guides

Book Club

Join the virtual Book Club! Participants will read a pre-selected story or book and participate in a facilitated discussion online through the WebEx system. Participants may also choose audio book options.


Get Social

Looking to connect with new and old faces? Join us for Get Social! A virtual online program where facilitated conversation and group games promote social engagement and peer connection.


Supper Club

Supper Club is designed for adults with intellectual disabilities. Come develop dinner conversation skills and table manners. Participants will meet weekly virtually and engage peers through facilitated conversation, Program will be facilitated using conversation cards and guided conversations.


Pot Luck

Join us for an online potluck of Scavenger Hunt, Trivia, and Bingo programs. These programs are offered online through the WebEx System and provide socialization for individuals that might not be able to get out into the community or who may need to stay at home due to COVID-19.


New to Webex?  Webex orientation sessions for Therapeutic Recreation program participants will be available periodically. Email Rachel Curry at for information.


Etiquette Guide