Sign codes are used to help you find more information about projects happening in your community. The Department of Public Works and the Department of Planning & Zoning both use sign codes.

Department of Public Works

Department of Public Works projects are posted on large yellow signs. Sign codes follow the following conventions: Number, Number, Letter (Ex: 99C). To search for the Department of Public Works sign codes, please visit the link below, enter the sign code and click “Search Signs.”

Search Public Works Sign Codes

Department of Planning & Zoning

Department of Planning & Zoning projects are posted with sign codes with the following conventions: Letter, Number, Number (Ex: Z88). To search for the Department of Planning & Zoning sign codes, please click here, select “+ Sign Code,” enter the code in the field provided and press “Find.”

Search Planning & Zoning Sign Codes

DPZ Color Key:

Red = Public Meeting/Hearing

A public meeting/hearing regarding the property is being held by one of the following bodies:

  • Board of Appeals
  • Planning and Zoning Administrative Hearing
  • Zoning Board
  • Hearing Examiner
  • Planning Board
  • Historic Preservation Commission

Blue = Pre-submission Community Meeting

A pre-submission community meeting required by DPZ and held by the developer/petitioner to provide information to the community regarding the proposed plan submittal.

Black and White = Public Notice Sign

A new development is proposed on the property and plans are available for review at DPZ. 

Planning & Zoning
Public Works

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