Target Archery

Spring and Summer registration is open now!

Learn the basics of Target Archery in an Intro or Archery Together class to participate one of the archery club programs!

  • HCRP utilizes NFAA and USArchery certified instructors, fiberglass recurve and universal draw-length compound bows.
  • Programs focus on the mental aspects and technique of instinctive target archery.
  • Target Archery classes are offered in the Spring and Fall*, camps available in the summer.  Open Range time may be available during the summer as well - see the Open Range tab for details.  (* Lil Archers programs available year round).
  • Detailed information will be emailed to participants within a week of the program start date.
  • Registration: 410-313-7275 or click the RP numbers to sign up online.
  • Information: Matt Medicus, 410-313-1769.

Please take our short survey to provide some information on archery interest in Howard County.  Click here to open the survey in a new window, or cut and paste www.surveymonkey.com/r/TargetArchery into your browser.

Check out the HCRP Target Archery Skills Club on Flickr:

HCRP Target Archery Skills Club
Want to try archery?

New to archery or looking to refresh some skills?  Target Archery programs start at 8 yrs & up (programs using age-appropriate equipment for younger children are available - see below for more information).

 - Start with an introductory class like the Intro to Target Archery or Archery Together (Parent/Child), held on Saturday mornings in the Spring and Fall.

 - Practice your skills during Open Range times!

 - Want to take your skills up a notch?  Sign up for the HCRP Target Archery Skills Club and work with our instructors on your personal goals (4-week sessions).

Classes for 4-7 yrs

Lil' Archers
4-5 yrs / 2 classes, start dates below / $35
Experience the sport of archery in a fun, safe and supervised environment. We use plastic arrows with rubber suction cups to teach the basics of archery. No experience necessary and all equipment supplied for use during the program.
RP9062.301   Meadowbrook Ath Comp   Apr 20   4-5pm  Th
RP9062.302   Meadowbrook Ath Comp   May 11  2-3pm  Th

Learn the Art of Target Archery
6-7 yrs / Apr 22 / $45
Build and decorate your own PVC bow and learn techniques, form and range safety in a one-day class with our certified instructors.
RP9065.301   Rockburn Branch Park West  9-11:30am   Sa

Classes, Youth & Adult

Introduction to Archery
8 yrs + / Dates below / $55
Discover the basics of archery! Learn basic techniques and form using recurve and compound bows from an USA Archery-certified instructor. Equipment, safety and elements of shooting are covered. Course meets the requirement to participate in the HCRP Archery Clubs.
8-13 yrs / Alpha Ridge Park
RP9061.301   Mar 25   8 AM-noon   Sa

RP9061.302   Apr 29    8 AM-noon   Sa

14-17 yrs / Alpha Ridge Park
RP9061.311   Apr 1     8 AM-noon   Sa

RP9061.312   May 6    8 AM-noon   Sa

18 yrs + / Alpha Ridge Park
RP9061.321   Apr 1     8 AM-noon   Sa

RP9061.322   May 6    8 AM-noon   Sa

Target Archery Together (Parent/Child)
8-13 yrs / Dates below / $90 (one child and one adult)
You and your child learn the basic techniques of archery together! Equipment provided for use during the class; safety and elements of shooting are covered by an USA Archery-certified instructor.  Course meets the requirment to participant in the HCRP Archery Clubs.
Alpha Ridge Park
RP9063.301    Apr 8     8 AM-noon   Sa

RP9063.302    May 13  8 AM-noon   Sa

HCRP Archery Clubs

HCRP Target Archery Skills Club
8 yrs + / 4 sessions, start dates below / $65
Focus on refining target archery technique though practice and self-paced development with our USA Archery-certified instructors. You must have attended and completed our Introduction to Archery, Discover Archery Workshop, Archery Together or Archery Camp. Parents are welcome to sign up with their children during youth sessions!  Program is four weeks, start dates listed below.
8 yrs + / Alpha Ridge Pk
RP9064.301   March 26  Noon-1:30pm    Su

RP9064.302   April 29     3:30-5pm          Sa   Cancelled

RP9064.303   April 30     1-2:30pm          Su

18 yrs + / Alpha Ridge Pk

RP9064.321   April 29     2-3:30pm          Sa   This section Cancelled - adults are welcome to sign up in RP9064.303 starting Sun 4/30 at 1pm!

Open Range Time also available on select dates - click on the Open Range tab for more details!


Archery Camp
8-12 yrs / 4 or 5 days / $110
This is a basic level course intended for kids who are new to the sport and looking for a positive experience with archery.  During the camp, archers become proficient in shooting a bow and also receive instruction in archery essentials such as range safety, equipment maintenance, self-analysis and archery etiquette.  Additional activities include history of archery, fun shoots (balloon shoots, etc) and a competition on the last day. Bring a non-perishable snack and beverage (no nut products). 

Archery & Fishing Camp
9-12 yrs / 4 days / $219
Try your hand at two lifelong outdoor activities in this beginner camp!  Discover and practice new skills in casting, fish identification and knot tying.  Learn the essentials of target archery such as range safety, equipment use and technique from USArchery certified instructors.  Camp includes trips to some special fishing spots where the fish are definitely biting!  Bring a non-perishable lunch and beverage each day (no nut products). 

Archery & Paddling Camp
11-13 yrs / 4 days, start dates on Adventurecamps page / $219
This is a beginner camp intended for those who are new to these activities and are looking for a positive experience with archery and kayaking.  Learn basic kayak skills on Centennial Lake to prepare you for a river kayak trip.  Archery instruction includes essentials such as range safety, equipment maintenance, self-analysis and archery etiquette.  Bring a non-perishable lunch and beverage each day (no nut products). 

Click on the Camp name or visit howardcountymd.gov/adventurecamps for complete details and to sign up online!  Many other Adventure & Outdoors Camps include an archery component during the week - see camp descriptions for complete details.

Open Range

The Alpha Ridge Archery Range is open for drop in use on select dates and times.  Sign up for an Open Range Pass each season for unlimited use on select dates and times!

Spring session:  Open Range times are Saturdays, Noon-2pm and Sundays 9am-Noon, Mar 25 through May 21 only (Closed 4/15-16).

Summer session:  Open Range times are Saturdays, 8am-2pm, Jun 24 through Aug 12 only.

Sign up for a Range Pass to practice your target archery skills on select dates at the Alpha Ridge Archery location!  $40 fee allows access at any or all of the Open Range times in that season and includes the use of HCRP equipment during your time at the range*.  Or pay $20 and bring your own equipment.  Prior completion of a Recreation & Parks' Intro program is encouraged but not required to use the range.  Archers must be able to participate in a safe and proper manner and follow range rules and staff directions at all times.  Call 410-313-7275 to register, or click the RP numbers below to sign up online. Info: Matt Medicus, 410-313-1769.

8 yrs + / Alpha Ridge Park / Fees below

Spring Session:
RP9064.361    $20   Archery Open Range Pass 

RP9064.362    $40   Archery Open Range Pass with HCRP equipment use.
            * You must have completed a Howard County Recreation & Parks Introductory course (Intro to Archery, Archery Together or Archery Camp) to use HCRP equipment.

Summer Session:
RP9064.461    $20   Archery Open Range Pass 

RP9064.462    $40   Archery Open Range Pass with HCRP equipment use.
            * You must have completed a Howard County Recreation & Parks Introductory course (Intro to Archery, Archery Together or Archery Camp) to use HCRP equipment.

Additional rules and information:

  • A basic orientation will be completed at your first visit to the range.  To use HCRP equipment, you MUST have completed a Howard County Recreation & Parks Introductory course (Intro to Archery, Archery Together, Archery Camp).
  • This range is supervised.  Archers must follow range rules and directions of staff at all times or range use may be suspended without a refund.
  • Target or field points only, no broadheads.
  • No crossbows.  Range staff reserve the right to refuse the use of any equipment deemed inappropriate for this location.
  • This is not an instructional program.
  • Under 16 must be accompanied by an adult that must remain in the archery spectator area.
  • Range time and equipment use is on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Please check the program status line is 410-313-4451 (option 1 then option 4) before heading to the range.  There are several factors that may cause the range to close, not just the weather.  There are no refunds or makeups for missed sessions.

Only registered Range Pass users will be allowed on the Alpha Ridge Archery Range.  Archery is not permitted on an individual basis on any Howard County Recreation & Parks property.

Please Note:
  • If a program is full, place your name on the Wait List!  There is no charge, and you can sign up on the Wait List online or by phone (410-313-7275).  Wait List customers are considered first should a spot become available or additional sections be added.
  • All participants should check the program status line within ONE HOUR of their program start time, regardless of the weather.  There are a lot of status lines for Recreation & Parks - the correct status line for target archery programs is 410-313-4451: Press option 1, then option 4.  (Camps are not on this line - please consult your camp information for updates).  There are many reasons a program may be cancelled, not just weather, so please consult the program status line before each session.