The Howard County Public Facilities & Spaces Report Evaluation and Action Commission is once again seeking community assistance in gathering community input and historical records behind the naming of Howard County Library System’s seven facilities: Administrative Branch, Central Branch, Charles E. Miller Branch & Historical Center, East Columbia Branch, Elkridge Branch + DIY Education Center, Glenwood Branch and Savage Branch & STEM Education Center, for its draft “The Library Buildings Report”.

It’s important for us to understand our history, learn from it, and move forward. I encourage residents to provide feedback, historical information, or suggestions regarding our local libraries so we can ensure a robust, inclusive report

Calvin Ball
Howard County Executive

If you have historical information or suggestions on material about these buildings you think the Commission should include in its draft “The Library Buildings Report” before it is finalized, the community is encouraged to either email [email protected] or participate in one of the Commission’s upcoming monthly meeting. Dates and times of the Commission’s monthly meetings can be found on its website. Supporting materials utilized by the Commission to compile this draft report can be found here.

The Howard County Public Facilities & Spaces Report Evaluation and Action Commission was established by Executive Order in May 2022. The Commission is tasked with: reviewing the 2021 Public Spaces Commission Report; completing and implementing a strategic plan to obtain community feedback on the Report; creating a plan to review names, locations obtained from community feedback; reviewing public spaces that were not reviewed by the previous Commission; making recommendations based on the rubric created by the previous Commission and evaluate and propose changes to the rubric, as needed; and making recommendations based on community feedback.


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