Howard County Recreation & Parks offers volleyball programs, camps and leagues for all ages and skill levels, from beginners to adult recreational players.

Read concussion and sudden cardiac arrest information. Review of this information is required by law before you are allowed to register for youth sports programs.

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After-School Volleyball
6-10 yrs

Practice makes perfect! This program is for beginners who enjoy this exciting sport and want to learn the basics. Individual players develop new skills and improve existing ones. Lessons emphasize sportsmanship, skill technique, hard work and fun in a team atmosphere. Learn to pass, hit, set and serve.

Volleyball Skills Development 
8-18 yrs

This program is for new players who enjoy this exciting sport and want to learn the basics. Individual players develop skills and improve existing ones. Lessons emphasize sportsmanship, skill technique, hard work and fun in a team atmosphere. Learn skills such as passing, hitting, setting and serving.

School’s Out Volleyball Tune-Up
9-15 yrs

When school is out, sharpen your volleyball skills and develop new ones in three condensed sessions. Skill instruction includes serving, passing, setting and hitting. The coaching staff and curriculum focus on having fun while learning through drills and games in an encouraging environment.

Instructional Volleyball League
6-10 yrs
Designed for first-time players or those wanting to improve fundamental skills,
this program includes basic skill development through drills and scrimmages.
The first 4 weeks are instructional practices, the final 4 weeks are scrimmage
games. Fee includes t-shirt.

Youth Volleyball League (Formerly MVL)
10-16 yrs
Experience the excitement and gain the skills necessary to enjoy this popular
Olympic sport. This program provides a “Good Sports” atmosphere, bringing
together aspiring players weekly in an effort to learn and practice the
fundamentals of the game. Our ASEP-Certified Parent Coaches provide a
quality recreation environment for our players, parents, coaches and
spectators. Weekly practices are scheduled between 5-9 PM on a weekday
at a Recreation & Parks indoor facility depending on team placement
and coach’s availability. Matches are on Sundays between noon-4 PM at
Meadowbrook Athletic Complex. Players are placed on teams after a skills
evaluation. Specific details on one-hour matches/practice times are communicated after each season’s skills evaluation. The YVL is for novice to experienced players who wish to learn more about the sport.

YVL League Rules



Volleyball Academy with Ofer Levy
9-15 yrs / 4 days or 1 wk, start dates & prices below
Our goal is to stimulate a love for the game in novice to experienced players. Develop fundamental passing, setting, hitting, blocking and serving skills. Through a variety of drills and game play, learn basics of team play, offense and defense. Instruction provided by Ofer Levy and staff, experienced volleyball officials and high school volleyball coaches.
Gary J Arthur Comm Ctr
RP7891.821 Jul 18 9 AM-4 PM M-F $295
RP7891.822 Jul 18 9 AM-noon M-F $155
RP7891.823 Jul 18 1-4 PM M-F $155
Meadowbrook Ath Comp
RP7891.801 Jun 13 9 AM-4 PM M-F $295
RP7891.802 Jun 13 9 AM-noon M-F $155
RP7891.803 Jun 13 1-4 PM M-F $155
RP7891.831 Jul 25 9 AM-4 PM M-F $295
RP7891.832 Jul 25 9 AM-noon M-F $155
RP7891.833 Jul 25 1-4 PM M-F $155
RP7891.851 Aug 22 9 AM-4 PM M-F $295
RP7891.852 Aug 22 9 AM-noon M-F $155
RP7891.853 Aug 22 1-4 PM M-F $155
N Laurel Comm Ctr
RP7891.811 Jul 5 9 AM-4 PM Tu-F $236
RP7891.812 ul 5 9 AM-noon Tu-F $124
RP7891.813 Jul 5 1-4 PM Tu-F $124
RP7891.841 Aug 1 9 AM-4 PM M-F $295
RP7891.842 Aug 1 9 AM-noon M-F $155
RP7891.843 Aug 1 1-4 PM M-F $155

2015 Volleyball Academy Camp Information

Performance Volleyball with Mike Bossom
10-18 yrs / 4 days or 1 wk, start dates & prices below

Instruction provided by Mike Bossom, Centennial High School varsity coach, and former head coach at Goucher College. Novice to experienced players, come learn new skills, scrimmage and prepare for the fall, winter and high school seasons. Instruction includes passing, setting, serving, hitting and blocking. The camp also covers the basics of team play (offense, defense and rotations). During Coach Bossom’s 12 seasons at Centennial, he guided the Eagles to 214 wins and eight state championships, including five consecutive titles. Fee includes t-shirt.

Meadowbrook Ath Comp

RP7892.801 Jun 27 9 AM-noon M-F $180

RP7892.802 Jul 5 9 AM-noon Tu-F $145

2015 Performance Volleyball Camp Information

Volleyball Elite with Columbia Volleyball Club (CVC)
10-18 yrs / 1 wk, start dates & prices below
This camp is designed to bring you to your highest level in volleyball as an individual and as a team. The focus is on individual skill and quickly advances to team play. You are grouped according to ability and experience. Coaches strive to challenge and help improve your play in a positive and motivating atmosphere with an emphasis on teamwork. Developing the mechanics, the right move and execution are emphasized. CVC coaches and alumni provide instruction. The club is based in Howard County and has worked with players from the surrounding counties for 30 years. For the week of July 11 camp, a minimum of two years’ experience is necessary to register. Fee includes t-shirt.
Meadowbrook Ath Comp
10-18 yrs / Jun 20 / Beg & Int
RP7893.801 Full day 9 AM-4 PM M-F $319
RP7893.802 Half day 9 AM-noon M-F $161
RP7893.803 Half day 1-4 PM M-F $161
14-18 yrs / Jul 11 / Adv
RP7893.811 Full day 9 AM-4 PM M-F $319
RP7893.812 Half day 9 AM-noon M-F $161
RP7893.813 Half day 1-4 PM M-F $161

2015 Volleyball Elite Camp Information

Adult Volleyball Leagues

The volleyball league plays 6-on-6, with rosters consisting of up to 12 players. Schedule includes 8 matches and all teams participate in post-season playoffs. Fee includes schedule, facility, awards and administration. Teams are required to pay $20 official fees on the court at each match. Currently the adult volleyball leagues only accept team registrations. Individual players & teams needing players should contact Information: Carson Nickell, 410-313-4720,cjnickell@howardcountymd.gov.

Co-Rec Drop in, Join other athletes of all ability levels for volleyball scrimmages. Choose the night and location that best works for you. Games are self-officiated and site staff help form balanced teams. Driver's license required for admission.
  • To view drop-in locations view the current Seasonal Guide. Note: Some gyms may be canceled by the third meeting due to insufficient registration or attendance.
  • For more information: Susan Markovitz, 410-313-4674 or samarkovitz@howardcountymd.gov.
  • Get Active Package - For one low fee, this membership package gives you access to open gym hours at Meadowbrook Athletic Complex and drop-in basketball and/or volleyball at select school gyms. For more information: Matthew Knoerlein, 410-313-1163 or mknoerlein@howardcountymd.gov.

Recreation and Parks hosts Chesapeake Region Volleyball Association Tournaments.  

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